3 Indian Brands that Know How To Use Humour on Twitter

by CXOtoday News Desk    Mar 06, 2018

You’ll be surprised:

67.2% of US companies use Twitter.  











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But here’s the shocker:

Despite Twitter’s ever-growing popularity, 96.2% brands still face challenges when marketing their brand, products or services on twitter.

As if that wasn’t enough:

 Moreover, more than 42% brands believe building a relevant and engaged following on Twitter is their biggest challenge.


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This is because today’s discerning Twitter users love to follow witty, clever and sassy brands. 

This means:

If you’re serious about cultivating a huge following on Twitter, you’ll need to be witty, helpful and humorous.

But remember:

Humor is essentially a tricky thing.

This means:

You’ll need to ensure that your tweets don’t go overboard and end up hurting public sentiments. Remember, you’ve just one chance to create that killer first impression on your audiences and there won’t be a second chance for a do-over.

We’re sure you’re wondering:

How do I use humour to reflect my brand’s cool personality on Twitter?

Turns out:

You’re in luck today. We’re going to pull the curtains and reveal about 3 Indian brands/organizations that are making India laugh with their funny, humorous and sassy tweets.  

Check it out:

1. Mumbai Police– Okay! We’re sure you’re thinking: Mumbai Police isn’t a brand!


But you’ll be surprised: It’s no lesser than a sassy brand on Twitter.


Mumbai Police has left everyone in splits with its tweets.



With its amazing graphics and witty one-liners, it’s no wonder why Mumbai Police has become so popular amongst Twitter users.


What Should You Do?


Make sure your tweets are accompanied with great graphics. Use the language that your target audience is likely to use. Don’t preach and don’t be boring. Make sure your content is engaging yet meaningful.


2. Policybazaar.com


India’s leading web insurance aggregator, Policybazaar is a brand that has long been braving critics to bring humor in India’s essentially boring BFSI sector. Over the years, the company has long established itself as cool brand in the Indian insurance domain with its unique, sassy and funny TV adverts.


With three viral hashtag campaigns, Policybazaar has successfully cracked the code to keep their audience engaged with their Twitter content. The funny one-liners, strategic use of hashtags and clever product positioning make it easy to understand why Policybazaar Twitter is constantly witnessing a dramatic surge in the number of followers. 



What Should You Do? 


Be entertaining and engaging! Make sure your tweets cleverly promote your product without being pushy. Pin your best tweets to your profile so that it gets more ‘views’, more ‘retweets’ and more ‘favorites’.


3. Amul – Here’s a brutal truth about brands on Twitter:

9 out of 10 companies shy out when it comes to taking a stand on social issues.


Amul is one company that definitely puts forth its opinion on any cause or issue. It doesn’t run away from using topical stories in its tweets.


The company makes sure of presenting its opinion in a funny, entertaining and engaging manner. More often than not, Amul’s sassy, opinionated tweets leave its audiences in splits.


What Should You Do?

Try to tap into the popularity of trending news, social issues and causes. Don’t forget to present such stories in an entertaining manner. Make sure to weave a story around your tweets. But when you do that, don’t forget to ensure that your opinionated tweets don’t hurt public sentiments.

Now it’s Now Turn!


So there you have it – 3 Indian brands that know how to use humor on Twitter to their advantage. Remember, it’s never too late to make your audiences fall in love with your brand.


Now we’d like to hear what you have to say. How do you plan to improve your brand’s Twitter marketing efforts?


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