3G, VoIP & WiMAX Key For Telecom Revenues

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 08, 2006

The telecom scenario is going through a sea change, IP and technologies in 3G services, convergence, and multimedia are seen as key growth drivers in the face of regulatory constraints and dwindling fixed-line revenues.

According to news analysis from Frost & Sullivan, ‘Service Providers’ Consumer Strategies Revealed in Asia Pacific’, most service providers have invested heavily into deploying 3G, VoIP and WiMAX technologies, seeing them as key revenue generators.

“Growth in the Asia Pacific consumer telecommunications market will revolve around wireless, IPTV (Internet Protocol television), and other multimedia services. Moving forward, service providers will continue to leverage on key next-generation technologies such as WiMAX, IPTV and VoIP to offer innovative service packages to customers,” said Aravind Venkatesh, Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

According to the analysis, while service providers in China and India are keen on services, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong are looking at media-rich 3G applications to boost revenues.

Some of the challenges to increasing ARPU and reducing customer churn includes competition, product commoditization and regulatory challenges, while fixed line service providers have to face a decline in fixed-line revenues and an increasing switch from fixed to mobile.

The report suggests that while mobile service providers can leverage technology to differentiate their services, fixed-line service providers can explore options like offering lower prices and innovative value-added services.