3Pillar Global Bets Big On Cloud And Smart Devices

by Wrik Sen    Jul 01, 2016

Jonathan Rivers

3Pillar Global is primarily a software product and technology developing company, that changes core ideas into revenue generating businesses. The core competency of the company remains the engineering software, which is often executed through disruptive technologies like cloud, mobile, and big data, meet business needs. It is not just the technology perspective, though it remains the center of all 3Pillar Pillar activities, but the way they engage customers into the fold, has made them stand out so far. Their plan is of challenging the convention through Lean Startup and Design Thinking methods by analyzing markets, interviewing customers, looking at the competition, and helping define roadmaps to set a course for a products success. They operate in 8 core areas including product strategy, product management, user experience & design, product architecture, product engineering, quality assurance and testing, product operations, and project management.   

Their latest foray has been their encounter smart mobile devices, along with new innovations cloud technology. Jonathan Rivers, the newly hired CTO (Chief Technology Officer) was eager to share some of their latest developments in the space, in the following interview, where he lays special emphasis on the changing technology landscape:

You seemed to speak a great deal about changing technology. Please tell us your experiences with smart devices?

Smart devices are becoming increasingly common and an it’s an extension of the convergence of mobile platforms. Desktop computers are almost extinct with the move to laptops and tablets. Even if you look around at the people in your office you will notice them sporting smart watches receiving calls, making calls, checking emails and text at the click of a button. Cell phones are now as powerful as desktop computers were 5 years ago. When you combine that with easily accessible things like watches and tablets, it is possible to have all the compute power that someone needs to do their jobs carried in a pocket which I think is pretty amazing. This rise of the so-called “Internet of Things” includes essentially everyday objects that connect to the Internet to do extraordinary things. Objects or “smart” things that do so successfully improve efficiency, connectivity and user experience. What’s driving this growth is a shift in device mix toward smarter devices. 

How has the way people work changed with the adaption of personal technology?

Right now people are constrained to where they work. You have to come to an office; you have to sit down on your laptop and work. With the rise in mobile devices people can work out of a coffee shop or a park bench and that is just one aspect. If you consider the case of a factory where workers are constrained to one particular physical station where they have to come up and utilize a computer or a desktop to run a factory line. Now that computer can move with them from station to station in the form of a tablet or a mobile format application that will allow them to move to different work stations with a single device that can be plugged into different parts of an assembly line. I think this process of operating makes it much more free for humanity as it allows the focus to shift to people and interaction and not just plugging into a particular place and executing a job. 

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What tools are being used for cloud based efficiency?

I think the really exciting thing about the shift to the cloud is that the number of service and technologies that are available for example one of my personal favorites is Amazon’s RDS service which makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. So instead of spending weeks in setting up a database cluster, it can be done with the click of a button. What this means for developers is that they are no longer spending time configuring these services, if they need a database they can get one at the click of a button and the time needed to deliver on projects shrinks rapidly thanks to this technology. There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing is changing the business world – for the better. It is an enormous, all-embracing, type of technology that has given businesses the means to make connectivity effortless. Nowadays, when we speak of efficiency, productivity and useful storage platforms, the first thing that comes to mind is cloud-based technology. The development of such a technology has been making it possible for companies large and small throughout the world to thrive.

Who is Latest tools 3Pillar Global currently working with?

When I look at how the tools are being used, you will see further extension of SaaS based services and cloud based services where the number of things you install on a device are shrinking down to a bare minimum. In simple terms the amount of tooling required to complete projects will significantly shrink. In terms of programming languages and tools I think they are going to move to web based applications that are utilizing external processing instead of desktop processing. If you look at services like VEI, Citrix Amazon WorkSpaces having all of the compute done through these applications will transform how businesses and IT work and people collaborate in the cloud era.

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