5 Best Ways to Use Collaboration Tools for Quick Growth

by Sawaram Suthar    Oct 04, 2017


Having a successful business doesn’t just happen overnight and even it doesn’t happen single-handedly. To have and run a successful business means to have talented people collaborate to achieve a single goal. That being said it’s important for those talented people to understand each other and work effortlessly with maximum output. And for that businesses/companies around they are ready to spend millions behind tools and technology which can make that happen.

Companies want their employees and teams to move ahead and progress and that’s why they want their internal communication to be more than exchange of emails. And today we don’t just have internal office teams, we have remote teams too. And making everybody work with each other effortlessly is a big task and that’s where collaboration tools come in picture.

Collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, Google Keep, Yammer, Basecamp, and likes are helping us being more productive and businesses to thrive. And if you are still not taking advantage of these amazing collaboration tools, them here are the best ways to use collaboration tools for your business:

1. Pick the right tool

With so many collaboration tools out there in the market, it is very important to pick the right one for your team. The article titled “The Best Collaboration Tool of 2017” might lure you into picking that tool but it can go wrong too. What might be right for others, doesn’t mean its right for you’re too. Pick the collaboration tool which fits perfectly with your work and team as they will be using it the most. This is one of the most important investments you will have to make.

And picking the right tool won’t be the hardest part, learning how to use it effectively will be. The success of any team will be dependent on how they are using the collaboration tool to their and business’s advantage. Take your time with tool. Examine and learn it thoroughly and you will see its effect both internally and externally.

2. Say NO to Micromanaging

We all love power and control when it comes working and we love to micro manage and oversee the smallest of details but that is not the right way of working. There is a right time and place to micro manage things but micromanaging your team might not be the best idea. Going too far with micromanaging will hurt your team and hinder their productivity. Eventually these problems will be visible and your teams will suffer badly.

With collaboration tools in play, you get a full view of what and who are working and at what pace. But that doesn’t mean that you will constantly keep an eye on your employees and their work. Everybody works in their own unique manner but with you micromanaging, it might suggest that a task can be performed in only ONE possible way. This can hinder your businesses and employee’s growth and development.

3. Choose the Elite ones and let them work together

Working in teams can be hard for some people. And when teams are put together these factors are not given priority and they shouldn’t. It is your job to bring the best of your employees together and make they work seamlessly together. It might not be easy but it is possible and we all know when two or more great minds are put together, greater things happen. You have to make them believe in “all-for-one and one-for-all” and you are successful in doing so, half of your work is finished.

4. Be Open about everything

The best quality of a leader or even a good team player is that they are open to new ideas, views and working styles. They are not at all set and rigid about how a task can be performed or how to solve a particular query. They welcome every idea and try to see things from others perspective.

One of the main parts of using collaboration tool is that it gives employees a freedom that their ways and ideas will be heard and that’s what makes these tools so special. So listen carefully and trust your employees. Don’t say no without even listening the ideas. And if you are a part of a startup then it is the most crucial thing. If you are not listening to your employees you are losing too many great ideas. So make sure you listen.

5. Set expectations

All the members of the team need know where they stand and what their roles are. Before making a team on one of these collaboration tools make sure you sit with them and talk strategy. Be clear about who is responsible for what and when their roles come into play. Everyone should be aware about the end goal and their individual goals as well. When using collaboration tools, it is easier to lose a track of who is working on what so it is important to set individual goals along with an end goal.

6. Get everyone on the same page

Even though we said individual goals are important but they are not as important as people on your team working towards a singular goal. Make sure these individual goals add up to the main goal you are trying to achieve. For that, try to get everyone on the same page as you. If everyone is not on the same page and are busy getting their own things done, then your goal won’t get accomplished. Even though these collaboration tools help keep everyone together but it is your job to keep them on the same page.

Now you know how to use those famous collaboration tools to your own advantage but what are their actual advantages? Here are some to tempt you in using collaboration tools:

- Easier to Manage

- Everything just a click away

- All files and data at one place

- Easy access to everything

- Cheaper in comparison

- Great for Remote Teams

To conclude, if used in the right way, collaboration tools will help your business flourish at a faster pace. Not only that it will help you and your employees work in harmony and grow along with business.

[The author is ‎an entrepreneur, CMO and Founder - ‎Tagove]