5 Content Marketing Strategies For Every Company


According to an article on Huffingtonpost.com, the word “Content marketing” has more than 1 billion search results in Google. Startling, isn’t it? Content marketing has become one of the keystone strategies in the world of Online Marketing.  It is a powerful strategy because it educates the consumer by providing reliable information thus increasing the credibility of a company’s product or services.

Following are the 5 content marketing strategies which every company can follow:

1) Industry Disruptive Statements: One of the offbeat strategy could be releasing an Industry Disruptive statement from the spokesperson of the company backed by a strong data and reasoning.

The statement not only projects the spokesperson as the industry leader but also shares a valuable piece of information with the stakeholders. A strong example of such tactic  is when Snapdeal founder commented that “Inventory based model in e-commerce shopping is flawed”.

The thing which needs to be paid attention while making such arguments/statements is that it needs to be backed by a strong reasoning or data otherwise it might lead into a PR disaster for the brand making such statements.

2) Create a Business Blog: Whether a company is an online ventureor a brick and mortar shop,an updated business blog can serve as a platform in educating the consumers about its product and services.  Reliable information leads to a better purchasing decision thus indirectly helping a company with getting customers in a sales funnel at a faster rate.

Case study of a successful blog:

Company: Huspot.com Description: It is an inbound marketing software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads etc. Benefits after launching company blog:

- Top 3 source of leads

- 10% company website.

- 10%-20% lead conversion rate.

3) Share Data collated from survey : Data should drive decisions has often been the most talked about principle among marketers. A brand could share data with the masses if it reveals an interesting industry trend.

For instance; Deliverychef.in an online food ordering website  shared an industry insight which stated that out of all the orders they received in 2013, Pizza was the most ordered food.


4) Infographics: It is rightly said “A picture speaks more than 1000 words. It can present even the most complex data in a much simplified version. A well designed infographic can attract users to download it , share it thus helping a brand to increase its awareness without incurring much cost.

A company can create infographics for free from websites such as Infogr.am

 5) Guest Articles: It is an important strategy when it comes to projecting the company spokesperson as the industry leader. Writing a blogpost for a reputed portal not only helps in getting backlinks but also helps tremendously in SEO.

 However it is important to note that blog posting on dubious sites or too many guest articles can negatively impact the SEO efforts of a brand. This information was shared by none other than Matt Cutts-Head of Google Webspam team. Link of the article(http://www.mattcutts.com/blog/guest-blogging/)

Thus whether the company is a startup, SME, or an MNC the above strategies can be followed without investing too much resource.