5 Key Takeaways From Google’s ‘Atmosphere 2016’

by Poonam Mondal    Aug 05, 2016


Google recently organized its global enterprise event, ‘Atmosphere 2016’ in Mumbai. The event, held for the first time in India saw participation from over 2,000 business leaders, in which Google showcased its smart, modern and secure offerings that enable customers to transform their business with the help of digital technologies.

Here’s some of the key takeaways from ‘Atmosphere 2016’ .

#1. Building A Cloud-Empowered Enterprise 

Google’s platform is helping businesses, of all kinds and sizes to go beyond legacy, premises, and embrace a cloud-first-mobile-first infrastructure. Google’s Country Manager Mohit Pande said at the event, “The enterprises are taking shifts to transforms themselves with technology and build a new disruptive business model.” 

Pande highlighted how Google Cloud is changing the complete business environment. “It is giving scale, reliability and availability at a cost which is remarkable for the enterprises. Google is leading the way with machine learning as a service,” he informed. 

Google is also offering several Application Program Interfaces (API) to enable enterprises leverage the power of machine intelligence without having to build their own complex models and platforms.

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# 2.  Aiming To Connect 600 Million Indians By 2020 

At present, India has 350 million Internet users. Google took ten years to  have 100 million users from just 10 million. However, the journey from 100 to 200 million users took three years and it took less than two years to reach 200-300 million users - the fastest in the Internet history. According to Google officials, the current growth rate of internet users will push 600 million Indians to access internet by 2020.

The company also believes that the size of the business really does not matter. The tech major would want to see every kind of enterprise to be on the internet by 2020. The vast majority of the businesses are already on the internet, said Google. 

#3. GoogleApps To Drive Business Innovation 

The company claimed its email service now has more than 1 billion users. The features and designs have been created to organize emails and turn inbox into a helpful tool. Google Apps are transforming the traditional work culture and pushing enterprises towards “Productivity to maximum velocity” in the words of Bill Hippenmeyer, Global Head of Enterprise Solutions Engineering Google. The company is also adding new features for documents and spreadsheets that are built for collaborations. 

#4. Enabling Enterprises To Embrace Transformation 

Embracing new technology is always challenging. Business leaders are often uncomfortable breaking the monotony of employee habits, which in turn is seen as a major barrier for moving on from the legacy systems. 

Karolina Lewandowska, Change and Transformation Leader, Google, believes that change in every enterprise business is needed. Since every individual is different, change is not easily accepted by every employee. Enterprises witness mixed reaction from the employees, some are enthusiastic and become a navigator, some are unhappy with the situation, some completely ignore the transformation.

Of the other categories, some criticize the transformation and lastly some play the role of a victim. Google is playing a big role in empowering those enthusiastic navigators who are driving their businesses to the next level. At the event, Google spokesperson highlighted that organizations should always reward the enthusiastic navigators who push the other members to embrace transformation.

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#5. Making Heavy Investment In Advanced Technologies

Google is making heavy investments in areas, particularly Google Cloud Platform - its cloud infrastructure. In India, Mahindra’s start-up arm, SmartShift, runs an application on Google Cloud Platform that connects commercial drivers to load delivery jobs throughout the country - making logistics seamless and creating new opportunities for commerce.

The tech giant is also working on integrating latest technologies like machine learning, enabling companies to host powerful app hosting and computing resources. All these help drive more detailed data analysis to make the existing offerings smarter, secure and efficient and in turn, will empower business leaders to take better decisions.