5 Reasons For Cos To Use Business Centres For Office Spaces

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 19, 2017

business center

Global corporates are adopting more innovative and cost-effective approach to expand their business. Real estate being the major investment, corporates and MNC’s are gradually realizing benefits offered by Business Centers to efficiently use the money in expansion of business rather than buying premium large office space. Nakul Mathur, Managing Director, Avanta Business India lists down five reasons why MNC’s and corporates are turning to Business centres for professional working environment:

1.  Prime location: Business centres having presence in prime location of the city is considered as one of the major reasons for corporates and MNCs shifting their office spaces for better connectivity. The advantage of the availability of 24*7 public transportation, having food courts and retail outlets in the vicinity makes it convenient for employees to work any time of the day without worrying about irrelevant things and devoting sufficient time on work. It also allows employees to de-stress their mind during a day of tiring work by taking a stroll in nearby area. 

2. Networking opportunities: Business centres can double up as a great networking space providing opportunity to corporates to meet and mingle with like minded people. One can find clients, referrals, vendors and even freelancers over a coffee meet, in lobbies or common lounge who may enhance or compliment their business. 

3. Quality services in budget: Global corporates who are particular about qualities, standard of offices often look for spaces having better infrastructure and offering premium services to maintain their company’s standard. Business centres with high maintenance shared office spaces fulfill all basic requirements of corporates looking for professional working environment in budget packages. Corporates can save a large amount of money used in extra expenses like kitchen supplies, high-speed internet, reception support, mail services, telephones, printer machines.

4. Flexibility: Business centres provide flexibility and room for growth. Leasing an office space means committing for at least 3 years and limiting the possibility to scale up or scale down the team with no difference in the cost of space. Business centres allows corporates to expand and contract teams and accordingly pay for the space on daily, monthly or yearly basis. Corporates also has option to book meeting rooms in any branch centre and can even transfer their calls from boardline to personal numbers or other rooms as per their requirements.

5. Growing business by less investment: Every business needs cashflow to invest in technology, hire right resource or expand the business. Corporates deposit a large amount for leasing the space which depreciates due to inflation and the rest is used on fitouts. The same amount could be invested in growing business which will fetch a 15% to 20% XIRR based on the nature of the business. A company gets a huge benefit on the cashflow by saving the cost of fitouts and deposit.