5 Specs Of A Futuristic Office Space

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 12, 2017


Gaining momentum with the advent of technology, office spaces have witnessed a drastic transformation over the years. Employers with a futuristic and technologically driven approach have now realised how much a workplace environment affects their employees’ performance. Gradually moving towards this, office spaces are diminishing their stereotypical image of cubical spaces with uninspiring décor meant just for work.

Today, they have transformed into technologically creative places that give positive vibes to the employees. The mini revolution of extraordinary office spaces has spread across various industries with the IT field leading the game.  Offices of giant firms like Google, Adobe, Wipro, and Facebook are exceptional examples of futuristic offices that have become dream ‘work destinations’ for employees across the country.

The new-age workplaces are equipped with excellent ergonomics, space planning, ventilation and lighting for enhanced people performance. If the current creativity keeps expanding its arms into the office spaces, the future office spaces will become happy places for both employers and employees.

In such futuristic offices, the employees would not just have fun while working but will feel proud of the dedication that their employer has put into creating a sparkling workplace environment. If you wish to know more about the ultra-modern qualities of such office spaces, here are the 5 specs of a futuristic office space.

Sustainable Office Designs

Environment conservation is becoming a need of the hour, and the futuristic office spaces are certainly not ignoring it. Therefore, many commercial offices are creating workplaces that are eco-friendly. Some of the ecological options that they use are recycled furniture, energy saving computers, compost system, among others. Some offices also install indoor plants to green up the surroundings.

Visually Attractive Workspaces

With creative quotes on the walls, innovative furniture, and appealing office premises, futuristic workspaces have fantastic aesthetics making the employees feel good about the place. The futuristic offices also have innovative and stylish lighting products such as pendant lights that offer stylish yet smart lighting solutions to the ambience of the workplace. These new-age lighting designs not just enhance the visual appeal of the office spaces but also suit the ethos of environmental sustainability. Wipro Lighting, the leading LED manufacturer has a dedicated product portfolio. Their products such as VERGE LED has won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2017, making it the best designed LED luminaire, truly fulfilling what a futuristic office space needs.   

Well-Crafted Recreational Spaces

Giving a feeling of homely comfort and fun, futuristic offices ensure that creativity and productivity go together. Hence, many top office spaces have specially designed areas for recreational activities including table tennis, snooker, badminton, and chess. Not only this, but some offices also have gyms in the premises to increase the fitness level of the employees.

Evolving Spaces

One of the important specs of the futuristic office spaces will be the ability to evolve with time. Whether it is in terms of creativity or technology, the office spaces are and will adapt to the new changes. Eliminating the restriction to work at desks, futuristic offices offer isolated spaces where they can work quietly, as well as coffee shops, cafés and outdoor spaces for meetings and phone calls.

Harnessing Digitization

The inclusion of technology in office spaces is an inevitable necessity. Hence, the futuristic offices have the ultra-modern technology to enhance the performance of employees. Tools such as Prezi, Slack and Google Drive are promoted to help employees share their views and work collaboratively. In addition to this, better technology to incorporate higher-quality teleconferencing and other smart-enabled equipment make work from home a delightful experience for the employees.

Keeping in mind employee satisfaction and retention, futuristic offices are taking steps to make the workplace look less official, away from monotony and boredom. To begin with this step, employers are installing smart lighting solutions from brands like Wipro Lighting that offer incredible range of design driven and technology oriented products, making them future-friendly. Futuristic office spaces enable a more collaborative approach between the employer, its employees and the clients as well.