5 Things To Do Before Enterprise App Launch

by Sawaram Suthar    May 16, 2016

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According to the latest report, the mobile phone users will exceed 266 million by 2017! A huge number to look forward and, the increase in the mobile users is complemented well by the mobile applications. 

Whether it is an app to increase productivity or get entertained, mobile apps are loved by one and all. No doubt, there is a huge market for the mobile app creators and if we go by the numbers, the mobile app industry will be as big as $77 billion by 2017. Further illustrating the popularity of smart phones 1 billion are expected to sell in the coming year, doubling that of the number of PCs, according to a research by the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Business.

The competition in the mobile app market is in the interest of the consumers though getting fierce day by day.

So, if you are one of the players who want your app to be sensed easily amongst the thousands of similar apps in the app store, then it is the time to rethink the strategy related to the launch of your mobile app.

Here are the best strategies you should consider before the launch of the enterprise mobile app:

1.    Keep in mind the target audience before starting-

What if app you designed with great enthusiasm and huge expectation but it turned out to be a failure!

Reason- You didn’t consider the target users in mind before planning for the app. You need to the target user group, platform to launch the app - free or paid, user interface, friction points, etc. And above all ‘why would they download your app?’ - These key questions serve enough reasons to hold brainstorm sessions.

Recently I had a conversion with customer support enterprise app Tagove’s founder – he stated an app development should be a well-defined strategic decision and not based on the assumption to invest money into it. You should have a firm idea about the cost of developing a mobile app.

The competitors should be followed in depth to know where they lack and how you can fix the same in your app. This will give you a platform before the launch and you can do your research well. 

Also, the designing and development of the app should go hand in hand in order to expedite the whole process. The intuitive design, adaptability and the usability factor is something you shouldn’t overlook.

2. Create an engaging landing page

Yes! A relevant and user-friendly landing page for the launch of your app is must. You would want more and more people to visit site, subscribe the app and before that, know about it.

So, a landing page does the job of positioning your app rightly to the right kind of audience. It is important that you create the landing page to attract the customer base your app is targeted at.

There are platforms that let you create the free landing page or app website to engage users.

A landing page fulfills three things:

1.       It offers holistic information about the app to be launched. Keeps people updated about the same.

2.       You get to interact with the audience and get useful feedback. 

3.       You get the email addresses of the people interested in downloading the app.

3. Work upon the look and feel of the app-

We agree that technical front is very important in the app development but equally important is the look and feel of the app.

Screenshot: A user should understand the gist from the screenshot. It should be a visual treat topped up with brief and wholesome information.  If you look at Skyward CRM’s screenshot, it’s clear showing what user needs – leads, customers, opportunities etc.


Description: The description should be precise, crisp and should highlight the USP in 3-4 lines maximum, enough to click ‘read more’.

Videos: Videos are the most sought after strategies to pull in more customers. Creating promo videos will drive the hype to another level and fuel the excitement.

Title: The title should be selected keeping in mind the common terms people use while searching. For instance - a productivity app having term productivity along with the creator company’s name would fetch more downloads.

Keywords: Make sure the app has the right keywords for easy discovery in the app store and is ASO friendly.


4. Create a genuine hype and live up to it

It’s a human tendency to anticipate the upcoming event so it is your task to create a marketing plan that works for your app.

The fresh and evolving website, the dynamic social media page (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) keep the hype alive.

Prepare a great press kit to help you launch the app in the trendiest fashion.

Submit the app to the various app review sites to get feedback and get going with the word of mouth publicity. Make sure the features and the content you have there is exactly what you are intending to sell.

The promo video you prepared should be included in the Press kit and should also be uploaded on YouTube.

Build strategy to increase the app store rating. Better the rating, higher the download.

5. Test, test, & test

This is critical to the health of the app selecting a group of beta testers remain your choice and also depends on your vision. 

You can start with your close group- friends, family, and colleagues.

Depending upon the target group, you can choose the testers for product beta or marketing beta. These people would be your impartial critic and with their active engagement you get to know what needs your attention- design, user interface, UX/UI issues, etc.

There are mediums where you can find the beta testers who can do the needful by being your critics.

The numbers of people you need are directly proportional to your budget, goal and vision.

And yes, don’t forget to reward them by giving free and exclusive access to the app!

(Sawaram Suthar is a digital marketing geek. Currently, he is a marketing consultant at Skyward Techno Inc that provides CRM and ERP. You can reach him @sawarams or via his blog thenextscoop.com)