5 Ways IT Pros Can Smarten Up With Data Analytics

by Wrik Sen    Sep 27, 2016


Technology professionals need to constantly reinvent themselves if they want to stay relevant. One way to do in today’s time is to have a sound knowhow of Data Analytics.

According to the O’Reilly report, the median salary for data analysts and scientists is $106,000, which is one of the highest paid professions currently. In fact, according to those who were surveyed, around half reported a 20% change in salary pay packets, and some 12% reported to having received the double of their previous salary.

Here are some ways, in which IT professionals or CIOs can reclaim their value through data analytics:

1. Back to school

One of the most common and basic ways to shift to a career in data analytics, is to get a specialized degree or diploma. Institutions like UC Berkeley and Northwestern as well as a few Indian universities offer a range of courses to the level of masters or doctorates in the field of data analytics and sciences. However, one must be prepared to invest the time and the monetary resources needed to get to that degree.

2. Internships and camps

Like most other fields of study, an internship or ‘bootcamp’ as some call it, offers tremendous exposure in terms of what a practical career in data analytics would look like.

Typically they fit in between degree programs, or sometimes after the completion of specialized diplomas, and do the work of giving the initial exposure to data analytics, such as adding Python programming and big data skills. This method could also be useful, for professionals who have been IT specialists, but are looking for a transition towards data sciences.

3. Online Networks

Social media forums like LinkedIn, provide for a great platform to connect with peer groups and experienced professionals in the field of data sciences. Apart from gaining valuable information on relevant topics which help with knowledge transfers, these professional online networking forums also open several opportunities for getting job offers, and even internships.

4. Participation on Virtual space forums     

For people who are scrambling through for a career in data sciences, there are online forums such as GitHub and Kaggle, which could be a platform to show one’s best works, including projects and skills in the area of data sciences and programming. Kaggle also has the added benefit of having competitions where they give out problems to solve and in-turn give exposure and a certain prize money as well.    

5. Online courses

If one is looking for what a specialized course in data analytics would be like, there are a large bunch of resources from Coursera, Udemy, and EdX, who provide free-of-cost online courses in databases, data analytics, Excel, SQL, programming in Python, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. These courses actually give a good head start into an initiative for a future in data analytics, and give a practical perspective as to what the future of paid degrees and diplomas would be like, in this specialized stream of knowledge.