7 Leadership Mantras Every Tech Leader Must Know

by Poonam Mondal    May 30, 2016

Leadership Mantra

A technology leader should know inside out of the company. A leadership quality of a person helps to invent a business and transform from a small into a large enterprise. Leadership quality always pushes a person develop more and transform more.The tech leader has to look into every aspect of the business and often comes across unavoidable hassles. The best way to avoid the pitfalls in business is to move slowly and carefully. Here are some insights which will help tech leaders to enhance their soft skills of leadership in business.

1. Business Focus: It is not compulsary that technology leaders should focus only on technology innovation and advancement. Nowdays it is more important to put special focus on business point of view. Because if a technology leader look forward to empower and involve more and more people acknowledging that is where the business will evolve.

2. Communication: For better business it is essential to have better communication .It is often noticed that despite having good knowledge in technology tech leaders are unable to focus on business perspective due to lack of communication skill. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick  believes that it is a very essential quality that one must have to run a business, he also added if sombody fails to have such skills one must find a partner who has good communication skills.

3. Desire to Learn: Every tech leaders must have the quality to know more and learn more. This will not only help the tech leaders to enhance the tech business with more innovations and advancements but also it will help to empower its associates. As Dr. Radha Krishnan pillai in his book ‘Corporate Chanakya” that  a Leader should have the ‘desire to learn’ something new every single day because this will help the organization to transform with time and this will help to empower the business associates.

4. Ability To Hire and Motivate : A techleader is the one who is followed by every individual who works under him. So it is important for the techleader to understand and know the need in business and hire somebody who will be apt for the job responsibility. And motivates the employees to give more and injects skills of a leader. As Pillai stated that it is important to choose a ‘manager’ who has the leadership quality and has the enthusiasm to learn and develop as a leader. An employee who has good leadership quality executes work with its army very easily. If not, then the leaders should inject leadership quality in employees to make them good ‘manager’.

5. To Maintain Cool: A cool head leader is always a winner. Be it India’s Cricket Captain  M.S.Dhoni be it Travis Kalanick Uber CEO they have achieved their success with their cool head. Failure, constant pressure, missed deadline often force a person to loose the cool but the true leader is the one who overcome such hussels with new plan and it’s execution. As Travis said ‘before pressure makes you collapse, collapse the pressure.’

6. Backup Plan To Sustain: A business be it technology oriented is always unpredictable therefore at any point of time a business can collapse no matter whatever be the reason For eg; Kodak. A backup plan can always help a business to sustain . A food tech startup company Bueno thought to shut down their business thrice but every time they fought and raised up with new plan to sustain. Therfore even a highly successful business can collapse anypoint of time so better technology leaders should plan their backups and sustain.

7. Sales Skill: Sales of products or services helps the business to run and achieve hights. It is essential for every techleaders to know the sales skill well because if the company fails to sell products/services the company will fall into loss. To avoid such situation a tech leader should first focus on hiring strong sales team for better business.