7 Mobile CRM Features Businesses Find Attractive

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 05, 2017


The number of mobile users around the world have increased tremendously as compared to the number of PC users. Mobile penetration is far more than the PC penetration, having a mobile CRM helps its users in more ways than can be envisioned. Moreover Mobile is more utilitarian and economical as compared to PC or a Laptop.  

At the same time, considering that CRM is primarily for Sales & Service (or support), the Mobile CRM is more convenient. Because, most of the time, salespeople, and service staffs are on the move rather on the desk. Most importantly sales representatives see Mobile CRM as more of an enabler and force multiplier than just a reporting tool. That makes CRM adoption much easier and faster. For example, mobility features like Geo-Tagging or auto call/SMS logging which is loved by Sales Executives as well as Sales Managers.

Below are some of the top benefits of Mobile CRM.

1. Convenient than PC

Of course, Mobile is much more convenient to use as compared to PC. Longer battery life, and handy. Particularly with the advent of inexpensive and powerful smartphones, there is a paradigm shift in how we consume information and do businesses. Mobile CRM naturally increases CRM adoption because of easier operations and simple user interfaces. Also since reporting of activities can be done immediately from anywhere, Sales representatives find Mobile CRM very useful.

2. Relevant information, anytime, anywhere

Mobile CRM is never like Web CRM. Because there is the scarcity of screen space, the information is much more relevant. It is as personal as possible at the same time as much as it is business and enterprise ready. Real-time notifications, add that extra flare to the usage of CRM and increase its effectiveness to a significant level. Dashboards on mobile give that crucial insight on what needs attention. Urgent and important things are presented much easily on mobile CRM dashboard. Things like upcoming meetings, sales funnel, and overdue accounts make the life of a sales person very easy.

3. Auto Call/SMS Logging features

Mobile CRM software provides automatic call/SMS logging. It eliminates the need for data entry and updating the CRM for every activity that is done by Sales Executives. These Mobile CRM Apps don’t log all the Calls/SMS, but when you call somebody for the first time, it asks you whether you want to register it - “Always, Yes, No, Never.” It makes sure that CRM does not log personal calls.

4. Improve data Quality

Since the user doesn’t have to wait till reaching the desk for updating the CRM data, data quality gets improved instantly. Example: Wrong phone numbers or email IDs or even addresses can be corrected on the go, immediately.

5. Single Click Meeting Entries

Making records of a meeting or Minutes of Meeting is one of the most hated task, which is required to be done by Sales Representatives. Mobile CRM makes it incredibly easy by allowing single click meetings, which will log Geographical Locations and time automatically. It also allows attaching audio and image files as Minutes of Meetings.

6. Geo Tagging and coordination

Geo tagging can drastically increase the efficiency of the field force as well as the back office coordination staff also. Example: lead from the website can be assigned to nearest Sales representative immediately, and Mobile CRM notifies Sales Rep by email / Mobile Notification. Thus the lead can be followed up immediately, resulting in more closures. Geo tagging allows Sales reps to search people near them. Example: Sales rep can figure out all the Companies/Persons with upcoming deals located near him. It can be a great time saver tool.

7. Audio and Image Notes.

Mobile CRM allows attaching audio and images as notes to meetings, contacts, deals or any other module. It serves a great purpose, as it is incredibly easy to dictate a note as compared to writing something. Of course attaching a picture will be worth typing one thousand words. 

Doing business without a proper CRM would be difficult. It would be impossible to imagine using CRM without having an accompanying mobile App to the same. However, one thing to be kept in mind, Mobile CRM is not same as opening your Web CRM in your mobile browser. Mobile CRM is a native Mobile App, which may have similar looks and theme like the Web CRM but the philosophy of a mobile CRM is much different from a web CRM.