7 Reasons Your Content Strategy is Going to Fail

by Hilton Barbour    Feb 23, 2011

Content Strategy failIf you’re like most marketers today chances are content creation is becoming an increasingly important part of your marketing activities. As social media has exploded, the need for compelling, intriguing, relevant and sharable content has exploded too. And as quickly as that content demand has risen, the half-life of content freshness seems to have diminished.

So how do you ensure all the content you’re slavishly creating is actually doing the job? How do you marry all the great stuff you’re creating within your organization with the UGC that you’re expecting your legion of devoted fans to provide you?

Honestly, I don’t know. But, what I do know is that if your content falls into any of the categories below it is going to fail. No doubt in my mind. Just guaranteed failure.

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