7 Ways To Take Care Of Employees' Mental Health

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 26, 2017


Do you know, one in every four mental issues arise due to workplace stress and depression? Acknowledging and supporting mental health in the workplace can go a long way in making you a good company, and increasing turnover. Employees who feel happy and content at their workplaces are more likely to be more productive and care about the company’s goals.

To help you get started, here are some of the useful ways through which you can take care of your employee’s mental health -

1. Give priority to mental health -  Sadly, many people avoid discussing the mental health as it is still considered a taboo in our society. So, it is necessary for the company to acknowledge the fact that metal health issues can crop at their place. Conducting seminars, organizing discussion, etc.; are some of the ways through which a company can make its employees aware about mental health.

2. Encourage a healthy work-life balance -  Though, every company expects only best results from its employees, it is difficult to give 100% if your workforce is tired. Encourage your workers to take breaks (of course, within limits), organize fun activities and give paid vacations to those employees who have completed their targets.

3. Introduce stress-relieving programs at workplace -  Most of the times, stress is not the only cause behind mental issues, but often a trigger for many serious problems. Luckily, there are some small changes which can be introduced into your company to curtail the stress. Light music, aerobics, etc.; are some of the great relievers. Consider sponsoring a yoga class, short stretch, etc.; for your employees. Even you should encourage your employees to eat their lunch away from their desk. Do you know, many companies allow employees to bring their kids at work as a stress-buster mechanism!

4. Cover employees under group health insurance -  Many times, it is the physical health that causes them stress. For instance, an employee is diagnosed with a cancer, however, he doesn’t have sufficient funds for the treatment. Now that employee may go under stress because neither he has money for the treatment nor his family has an extra income source. A company can take care of such woes by offering group health insurance policy to its employees.

It is a very useful insurance policy, which covers all the employees under one plan and the premium is paid by the company. It means, an employee can avail medical treatment without worrying about the hospitalization expenses. Moreover, most of the group health insurance policies have tied up with hospitals also where your employees can go and avail cashless hospitalization i.e., medical expenses will be paid by the insurer directly to the company and the employee doesn’t need to bear the medical bill.

Further, by giving group health insurance policy to your employees, you can also lower tax liability as well. It means, a group health insurance not only reduces your employees’ stress but also takes care of your stress by lowering tax outgo.  There are various corporate insurance advisors like SecureNow which can help you buying the right group health insurance plan for your employees. You would only need to enter some basic details about your requirements to generate insurance quotes from leading insurers. These insurance quotes can be compared to find the right group health insurance plan.

5. Give safe working atmosphere to your employees -  It can mean anything from making sure all safety protocols are being offered to complaints being properly addressed, pay attention to all the issues facing by your employees and work towards providing conducive atmosphere to employees.

6. Recognize and reward employees -  Most of us like our work to be appreciated by our company. If you don’t reward your employees, they either stop working efficiently or won’t stay there for a long time. From bonuses to trophies, there are various ways to say thank-you to your employees for their good work. 

7. Be vigilant -  Pay attention towards your employees and listen to their thoughts when they tell that workplace is not healthy. Be as approachable as possible.

Remember, you can do what you want to lower the stress but still many people need to see a doctor. It’s not your job to heal your employees but you can ensure that they have the access to resources and eternal sources. So, reiterating again, buy a comprehensive group health insurance policy for your employees, and abide by the above tips to keep your employees’ mental health in a good shape.