A CEO Who Loves to Digitize Music

by Manu Sharma    May 04, 2009

Amit Maheshwari, CEO & MD, Softlink Logistic Systems has a personal collection of over 22,000 songs that are digitized and hosted on a server that occupies about 22 GB of space.

Maheshwari passion for music began when he was in the ninth grade at school. During those days, only LPs were available and were big in size and each LP cost Rs 65 each, which was quite expensive then. But with my pocket money I was able to buy some of my favorite film songs including Qurbani, a very popular film during the late 1970s. I remember that was my LP purchased on my own, said Maheshwari.

During the early 1980s, Maheshwari built own LP record player with pocket money collected during his school days.

His passion for ghazal s picked up during his college days. I was a big fan of Jagjit and Chitra Singh and I remember I bought the album titled Unforgettable , a collection of ghazals that remains an ever green hit even to this day. My liking for ghazals developed even more over the years and I starting adding more LPs to my collection, said Maheshwari.

By then the LPs were being replaced by cassettes that were priced reasonably. I remember Gulshan Kumar of T-Series had brought down the costs even further to only Rs 25 and I was able to add more and more albums to my collection.
I picked up albums from all the famous Pakistani ghazals singers like Ghulam Ali, Mehdi Hassan, Wadali Brothers. But my favourtite still remains Kundan Lal Saigal, said Maheshwari.

Despite his busy work schedules, Maheshwari still puts aside some time for his passion. I leave aside some time after 11 pm in the week days and on Sundays especially to listen to music.

Over the years, Maheshwari has added a huge collection of film songs right from the 1940s to the present. Some of the best film songs are those of Asha Bhosle and obviously Kishore Kumar, the ever green singer of the yesterdays. I also have a collection of songs sung by Mohammed Rafi and Mukesh but still prefer the voice of Kishore da.

Besides music Maheshwari also has a passion for movies. He prefers Hollywood to Bollywood especially the good old movies from directors like Alfred Hitchcock and considers God Father and In Pursuit of Happiness as one of the best movies ever.
In the Hindi movie category, I will still go in for those good old days of the 1970s when stars like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna won my heart. My best movies include Angoor, Gol Maal, Jane Bhi Do Yaron.

As his collection grew bigger and wider, he had to look for alternatives to compile them together. It was then that music underwent a kind of transition when the format changed from physical to digital.
Maheshwari has now digitized all his collection to organize and host them on a server.
His video collection runs into over 2000 movies and over 300 documentaries that include current affairs and 911 crime collections.