Accord Develops GPS Technology For ISRO

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 20, 2005

Bangalore based Accord Software & Systems Pvt. Ltd., a SEI CMMI Level 5 Company, has announced that it has successfully partnered with ISRO on its Indian Remote Sensing (IRS) spacecraft programs.

Accord is the first company in India to have successfully developed indigenously a GPS based Spacecraft Positioning System (SPS) for the IRS spacecraft recently launched by ISRO.

According to S. Purushotham, executive director, Accord Software, “The onboard SPS, developed and supplied by Accord, receives signals from GPS satellites and computes position, velocity and time for the IRS spacecraft. These parameters are stored for the entire orbit duration and downloaded to the ground station with a tele-command.”

Accord’s SPS’s have already been flown in four Indian Remote Sensing spacecraft since 1999 including the recent launch of CARTOSAT 1 spacecraft by the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C6 on 5th May 2005. As being monitored by the Ground Control Facility at ISTRAC, the SPS in CARTOSAT 1 has been functioning well and sending the required messages periodically to the Ground Station.

“Accord has excellent GPS core technology knowledge, skills and experience. We are the only company in India, which has developed the core GPS technology through its in-house R&D efforts,” said J. M. Sundaresan, MD, Accord Software.

“The technology is applicable for use in automotives, consumer electronics and aerospace applications. Accord has already applied for four international patents in the area of GPS technology,” added Sundaresan.

Accord Software is a technology oriented software and systems company with focus in aerospace, GPS, embedded, wireless communication and enterprise domains.

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