Adaptec Launches SSD Solutions for Datacenters

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 11, 2009

Adaptec has announced the first solution for building and managing storage arrays that use both solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). These storage arrays are also known as High-Performance Hybrid Arrays (HPHAs). Adaptec’s solutions are claimed to deliver up to five times the I/O performance, which translates up to 50 percent savings in capital and operating expenses.

Adaptec’s MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Solution integrates a tuned 32 GB Intel X25-E Extreme SATA SSD, used as a high-performance cache. Along with Adaptec’s MaxIQ SSD caching software, the solution provides I/O intensive data center and cloud computing customers with cost-effective scalability without disrupting existing operations. This combined set up is being sold as a package labelled as the ‘Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Kit.’ Depending on individual data center requirements, an HPHA can consist of any combination of high-capacity, low-cost SATA (Serial ATA) drives or higher-performing SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) drives, plus SSDs.

The Adaptec MaxIQ SSD Cache Performance Solution is the next phase in Adaptec’s ‘Data Conditioning Platform’ strategy. The strategy tries to deliver business value to data center managers by intelligently routing, optimizing and protecting data as it moves through the I/O path. Adaptec has partnered with Intel so that the company can develop standards-based I/O solutions that are easier to integrate and meet the large scale needs of a datacenter-like environment.