Adobe Meets Rival In Microsoft

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 16, 2005

Stepping onto Adobe’s turf, Microsoft has unveiled ‘Microsoft Expression’, a family of professional tools for the design and production of enhanced user experiences and rich content for the Web and Windows Vista platform.

Expression code-named “Acrylic Graphic Designer,” is a painting, illustration and effects tool for creating graphic designs, while the “Sparkle Interactive Designer,” is a user-interface design tool for modern application development using the Windows. Meanwhile, “Quartz Web Designer,” is a layout and design tool for creating websites.

According to the company, designers can explore their creativity with innovative styles and graphic properties such as textures, fringes and dimensionality. New image effects such as blurs, drop shadows, color correction and filters can be accomplished by using nondestructive, editable Live Effects.

“Acrylic Graphic Designer” also includes advanced features such as PhotoMontage, and flexible hybrid graphics environment. Built-in flexibility enables designers to alternate between vector-based and pixel-based elements within a hybrid graphics environment. Users can easily incorporate graphics into a variety of other software tools and industry formats, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visual Studio and XAML.

Eric Rudder, senior vice president, Servers and Tools at Microsoft Corp., stressed that the new tools portfolio, paired with the Windows Presentation Foundation, a platform-level presentation and display engine, will help drive down the cost and effort associated with building richer, applications with unique differentiated capabilities.

“Our goal is to redefine what is considered a ‘good enough’ user experience today through integrated development and design capability,” said Rudder.

“Ultimately this is about enabling mainstream adoption of user experience within both business and end-user applications, resulting in richer differentiated experiences on the Web and the smart client that promote business opportunity and productivity,” he added.

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