Adopt cloud now or get left behind

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 10, 2013


Cloud adoption, though growing rapidly across globe, will see a marked rise in the coming future. The reason being more and more enterprises irrespective of its size will have to get on board.

According to a study conducted by 451 Research, a division of global analyst and data company The 451 Group that is focused on the business of enterprise IT innovation, the time for enterprises to adopt cloud is now. The report emphasized that enterprise IT departments must embrace cloud immediately or face being left behind.

Eric Hanselman, chief analyst at 451 Research, said there had been a dramatic acceleration in cloud uptake, particularly over the past quarter, but many firms have reached a point where they need to “rev it up or become irrelevant”.

“Enterprise IT risks being left in the dust if it does not adapt to the new reality of cloud,” he said.

Hanselman however, dismissed the idea that cloud technologies will serve as a suitable replacement for all traditional enterprise IT services.

And, as such, the ability to integrate with enterprises’ existing infrastructure will be key to any cloud service provider’s future success, reported

“[Cloud] takes enterprise resources that would not have even made the shift before, so this is not a zero sum game. Cloud does not mean cannibalising other IT provisions, such as managed services,” Hanselman was quoted as saying.

“Cloud service providers also need align with customers’ existing IT … to make people’s move to the cloud as frictionless as possible. They need to focus on the challenges and demands of their customers’ business,” Hanselman added.

Two trends driving cloud adoption at the moment are the consumerisation of IT and the ongoing economic turmoil blighting many of the world’s major economies, he added.

“If you look at the pressures that are coming to bear on companies now, we are at [an inflection] point. Macro-economic problems still exist and [they bring with them] a pressure for greater operational efficiency,” Hanselman said.

“Consumerisation pressures, whether it is from employees bringing their own devices or around the speed of deployment [of things like apps], is also growing,” he added.

However, the immaturity of business apps and organisational pressures are hampering the adoption of cloud for some.

“Many [apps] are just not ready for cloud deployment,” he said.

“[And] When you ask organisations what the roadblocks are now, IT is falling away. Now it is actually non technical problems, like organisational structure that are standing in the way,” he concluded.