Adoption of BI among Indian Cos Is On the Rise

by Sharon Lobo    Feb 04, 2010

It’s no new thing for Indian enterprises to realize that Business Intelligence (BI) directly relates to profitability of business. To further emphasis the need for a good and effective BI tool, Sachdev Ramakrishna, Director - Marketing, Steria India, spoke to Sharon Lobo, on his view about the effective deployment and utilization of various BI practices. Steria is a provider of IT enabled business services, offers businesses full end-to-end transformational and ongoing operational services.

How has the adoption of BI in Indian enterprises been so far?
Currently the awareness and adoption of BI among Indian enterprises is on the rise. According to IDC data, the India advanced analytics software market is slated to grow at a CAGR of 22 percent from 2009-2013. Enterprises are realizing that BI directly relates to profitability of business, and are hence investing in a BI solution. The maturity of BI adoption is specially reflected in high growth sectors of telecom and retail. These verticals expect BI companies to innovate and partner with them to address their real-time business issues.

How does implementing BI help an enterprise?

These days it is important for enterprises to comply with regulatory compliance. However to do this in an effective manner, businesses need real time reporting. As a result the emphasis on information delivery is more than ever before. In such a scenario BI provides businesses with advanced data analysis. This not only provides business real time information but also enables them to understand marketing and business trends, within and across departments.

How does Steria’s BI offerings benefit enterprises?
We offer BI solutions across platforms to ensure long term success for enterprises. Our BI solutions provide relevant information to individuals, thereby empowering them to perform their own analysis and speed up the organizations decision-making procedure. As we provide BI elements for products of different vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Cognos, Kognitio etc, we are able to deliver solutions across all corporate functions to clients from a variety of industry sectors. Also through our highly collaborative consulting style, we work with our clients to transform their business, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

According to you which industry verticals would adopt BI in a big way this year?

I feel there are primarily five sectors, which would adopt BI in a big way this year. These are government, BFSI, utilities, healthcare, and transportation and Logistics. The government sector would use BI for homeland security, UID, e-passport, e-driving license etc. while BFSI, utilities and healthcare would deploy BI for enterprise application services and application testing. Transportation and Logistics would need BI for fleet management, and other associated services.