Adventity Leverages Unified IP to Provide VAS

by Ashutosh Desai    Oct 15, 2009

Adventity is the provider of fully integrated business process outsourcing (BPO) services to a diverse global business community, which includes some leading financial institutions and Global 1000 companies. The company has more than 1,000 agents that manage customer interactions across banking and financial services, airline and travel industry.

IT Challenges
As a provider of BPO solutions, Adventity needed to distinguish its services from other players in the market and provide a host of unique value added services (VAS) to clients. The company also needed a solution that would be able to cater to its outsourced environment — one that supported inbound and outbound calls, provided quality monitoring facilities, recording and voice portal capabilities. Investing in individual turnkey solutions would have resulted in disparate systems.

The BPO solutions provider required a technology partner that could provide 24×7x365 software support and capable to enough to manage a growing number of agents. The technology partner would also need to do all of this effectively and optimise their performance. Since the number of agents was in constant flux, the company needed a solution that was scalable and provided capabilities that would allow it to develop unique value-added campaigns for its clients.

The Solution: Unified IP
Adventity evaluated Aspect Unified IP (formerly known as Aspect EnsemblePro), which unites customer contact capabilities to help organisations execute on their unified communications strategies. Its IT infrastructure was first assessed and mapped out by deployment experts from Aspect. This was followed up by a plan or a guide map on how the company could seamlessly leverage Aspect’s Unified IP solution in the contact centre environment. At the time the Aspect Unified IP architecture was deployed, Adventity had 1,000 agent seats with inbound, outbound and multimedia capabilities addressing the outsourced market requirement; as well as industry telecom regulatory compliance.

With Aspect’s Unified IP solution, Adventity was able to offer a host of outbound services for sales and telemarketing, account verification, customer satisfaction surveys, welcome calls, and collections. Customer lead lists are loaded into the Aspect Unified IP system on a daily basis. The outbound system automatically starts making outbound calls for its agents. Before connecting the outbound call to an agent, the system uses an outbound capability algorithm to filter live calls from answering machines and voice mails. Even aborted calls are rescheduled automatically in the system. These automated processes helped improve agent efficiency and also optimised their performance significantly.

Aspect Unified IP enabled Adventity to offer services like order-taking, inbound sales, account enrollment, call-in-polls, and provide customer service for its clients. The system allowed them to set up different styles of self-servicing menus of customers calling into the Adventity system. All inbound calls are directed automatically to the right agent in the right department.

Since Aspect Unified IP is fully integrated with other applications, Adventity can monitor and analyse multiple customer response channels — such as a mobile phone, SMS and the Internet. Adventity was also able to monitor call volumes in outbound and inbound campaigns in real-time. The system includes an ‘Alert Manager’, which sends alerts to supervisors based on pre-configured performance criteria. Adventity can now also organise contacts across multiple communication channels in a single queue and route them to the most appropriate agent.

The unified IP system also allowed Adventity to automatically and seamlessly transfer an agent from an existing campaign to the next pre-defined campaign depending on call volumes. This kind of automation enabled Adventity to effectively allocate resources for time-sensitive processes like inbound campaigns and SMS leads.

Reporting capabilities of Aspect Unified IP enabled supervisors to view agents holistically across all channels, gauge performance, and generate customised reports on operational metrics. With the help of these metrics, the company was able to view and assess service and campaign performance.

Adventity agents are now able to make 160 to 180 outbound contacts in a day — which is a lot more than the earlier 80 to 100 contacts they used to be able to make in the past. With Aspect Unified IP, Adventity can also carry out unique outbound ‘blaster campaigns’ for its clients. One such value add involved running an outbound campaign, where it provided automated voice messages with credit card details to banking customers.

Adventity is also able to run campaigns where banking customers can seek product information by sending text messages containing product names from their mobile phones, to a pre-assigned four-digit number. The outbound capability within Aspect Unified IP system can place callbacks automatically, offering information about the product the customer had keyed in. All this is done within as little as five minutes. Additionally, Aspect Unified IP has helped improve lead response time by a significant amount. Response times dropped from thirty minutes to less five minutes. The system is also able to dial sixty percent of the leads within sixty seconds.

Campaigns are now also conducted on the Internet, wherein a customer only needs to click on a product name on a particular website. The customer will then receive a callback within the space of five minutes. For one of its clients, Adventity was also able to monitor and analyse 200 customer responses to a prime time television commercial — within 5-10 minutes. A total of 20,000 responses were monitored and analysed for the entire campaign, which spanned 120 days.

Deploying Aspect’s Unified IP solution ended up helping Adventity in more than one way. Not only did the solution help them to work off a single platform but it also proved to be a differentiator in its space.