After Apple, BlackBerry Joins ‘Make in India’ Initiative

by CXOtoday News Desk    Feb 07, 2017


Smartphone makers seem to be trusting India’s potential and are joining the ‘Make in India’ initiative. Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry today announced its partnership with Optiemus, a Delhi-based telecom firm to licence software and services for the production of secure Android handsets in India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. Under the terms of the agreement, BlackBerry will licence its security software and services suite, as well as related brand assets to Optiemus Infracom. The news came only a week after Apple confirmed it will start manufacturing iPhones in Bengaluru from April this year.

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Blackberry was not having the best of its time in the last couple of years. Once a market leader in business phones, the company started to lose its sheen with the rise of improved Android smartphones and iPhones. Despite this, the company launched a few smartphones last year and in recent years The Canadian smartphone maker is pivoting to focus more on security software and services. It has started using Android OS on their smartphone still the prime focus of the brand is security. 

Alex Thurber, Senior Vice-President and General Manager Blackberry posted the news on company’s official blog on Monday. “Today, as the new head of BlackBerry’s Mobility Solutions Division, it gives me great pleasure to announce that Blackberry and Optiemus have entered into a long-term licensing agreement – the first since our partnership with TCL Communications, and our third overall,” he mentioned.

Blackberry will licence its security software and services suite, and the brand related assets to Optiemus Infracom Ltd. The Indian telecom enterprise will be handling all the functions of Blackberry in India. It will design, manufacture, sell, promote and provide customer support for Blackberry devices in India and neighbouring nations. ”With our strong end to end play in the mobile ecosystem in manufacturing, retail, distribution and support, we are confident that our journey with BlackBerry will be a long and successful one,” Ashok Gupta, Chairman of Optiemus Infracom said in a statement.

 The agreement with Optiemus Infracom Ltd expands on an existing relationship announced in November 2016, for the distribution and sale of the DTEK50 and DTEK60 by BlackBerry, the company’s DTEK series of secure Android smartphones with BlackBerry Security Software inside, Reuters report said adding that these devices continue to be available through the company’s distribution network.