Agilent Launches Real-Time Monitoring Solution

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 09, 2004

Agilent Technologies Inc. has launched the Agilent OSS Customer-Centric Service Manager (CCSM), a management solution to monitor real-time service and network quality from the perspective of an individual, a group of VIPs, or an entire corporation.

Managing the Quality of Service (QoS) experience of specified customers, CCSM enables telecommunication providers to gain and retain lucrative corporate customers by providing objective measures for service level agreements (SLA) and ensuring SLA compliance.

CCSM monitors wireless communications in real time to alert telecom providers to network or service problems that affect QoS. It collects signaling and data records from links in the network and presents measurements relating to customer experience in a console view of the customers, the networ,k and the services.

Telecom providers can use CCSM QoS metrics to document SLAs. The system’s real-time function helps to ensure maximum SLA compliance. Service providers can set quality thresholds that, if violated, alert network operations or repair personnel to fix problems before SLAs are breached.

Service providers can also use the information to proactively notify affected customers of repair status. Accurately measuring and managing high-value customers’ actual experiences ensures greater profit, customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty.

“Our field experience shows an unacceptable number of customer problems are not detected by traditional network management systems. Since Agilent’s CCSM tracks and analyzes every call transaction in real time, service providers can now know the actual QoS experienced by a particular customer and prove the delivered QoS based on verifiable SLAs.” said Ms.Donna Bastien, director - marketing, communications solutions group, Agilent Technologies.