AGS Infotech Releases AGS 7

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 20, 2009

AGS Infotech, which is an AGS Group company has introduced, AGS 7- a thin client computer. This facilitates companies with desktop management, access data, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) besides high quality, reliability, lower administrative cost and less maintenance.

Thin clients display application including graphics and text information like normal PCs, and have increased security by. The client computer is linked to the central server for processing computing activities. As a result, all the documents get saved in the server and no local storage is required, including hard disk, floppy and CD.

"Thin client computing comes from an exclusive category of technology that offers clear value propositions for big and small businesses, both in terms of cost savings and increased end - user productivity," said Surya Singh, business head (retail) of AGS Infotech. "It can completely replace PC-based client or server computing in many vertical and horizontal computing environments and also at a cheaper price."