Airtel Deploys Kodiak's RTX System

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 11, 2006

Airtel subscribers will soon be offered a suite of advanced voice services called Airtel Group Call (AGC), courtesy the deployment of Kodiak Networks’ Real-Time Exchange (RTX) system.

The GSM provider chose RTX system to improve their group communications services. Kodiak is a provider of advanced wireless voice systems for carriers and the AGC applications will be offered via Kodiak SIMpowerT, a thin client which will allow voice service functionality on existing GSM handsets.

This deployment will enable Airtel to offer a new service, Voice Bridge. It is a fast and easy set-up of full-duplex, mobile-originated conference calls with up to a total of 10 wireless and landline participants enabling business colleagues, social groups or families to instantly initiate a conference call.

Deepak Mehrotra, CEO, Airtel, Karnataka elaborated the reasons for choosing Kodiak, “We selected Kodiak Networks based on their overall system performance and ability to deliver innovative voice applications to our customers via Kodiak SIMpower. We believe that offering AGC voice-based services that simplify group communications is critical to our nationwide GSM customer base.”

Similar to Instant Messaging applications, an Instant Availability feature will check and display the current availability of dialed person to receive a wireless call. Availability status displays includes ‘available’, ‘do not disturb’, and ‘offline’.

Some of the other features include Quick Groups, which offers the ability to form groups within the application by selecting people from contacts, Contact and Group Management services enabling Airtel subscribers to instantly create, modify and delete individuals, groups, and group members, directly in their SIM and over the Internet.