Akamai Ranks India 20th in Unique IP Addresses

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 31, 2009

India has been ranked at number 20 globally for number of unique IP addresses with 2.63 million IPs, by Akamai Technologies’ fourth quarterly State of the Internet report.

Sanjay Singh, managing director-India, Akamai Technologies, said, "We continue to see strong trends that point to an ever-improving Internet penetration figures in India with observed unique IPs growing 43% Y-o-Y and average connections speed well above 750 Kbps.  The average connection speed will be an interesting number to track in the coming quarters and will give us a clear indication of the growing broadband adoption in the country."

Other India-specific trends include:

India ranked 17th globally, in terms of attack traffic, with 1.16% of observed attack traffic.

India’s average connection speed was at 772 Kbps and ranked 115th in terms of average connection speed.

Ranked 62nd for high broadband adoption, with 0.56% of connections to Akamai at speeds over 5 Mbps

Ranked 81st for high broadband penetration, with fewer than 0.0001 high broadband IPs per capita Q4 2008

Ranked 93rd for broadband adoption, with 3.74% of connections to Akamai at speeds over 2 Mbps

Ranked 118th for broadband penetration, with 0.0001broadband IPs per capita in Q4 2008

Ranked 55th for narrowband adoption, with 25.8% of connections to Akamai at speeds below 256 Kbps

"Akamai’s unique visibility into the connection speeds of systems issuing requests to the Akamai network has created a one-of-a-kind view into broadband adoption around the globe," Singh said.

Leveraging that data, Akamai’s quarterly State of the Internet report compares Internet penetration and connections speeds in India with countries across the world.


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