Aladdin's Cardio Based Biometric Identification

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 06, 2006

Aladdin Knowledge Systems, the leader in Software Digital Rights Management (DRM) and USB-based authentication solutions has unveiled a biometric authentication technology based on cardiac patterns.

The cardio-based biometric technology - the world’s first, according to the company, provides authentication using a person’s natural BioDynamic Signature (BDS) - an electro bio-signature that is unique to each individual.

While other biometric technologies use fingerprints, pictures, or static bio-signals to identify a person, BDS is based on intrinsic human electro-biometric dynamic signals acquired by touching a small conductive surface.

The signature is based on the electronic signals humans produce from their body, including the heart. These BioDynamic Signatures are as unique to an individual as fingerprints and retinal patterns.

The device - which looks like small computer mouse with two metal contacts, when touched for a few seconds using one finger from each hand to complete the circuit, measures several factors in the heartbeat to record the “biodynamic signature” - a combination of electrical signals from the heart and central nervous system. The sensors measure these signals, run them through an algorithm on a computer and create a digital representation of the signature.

About its reliability, Aladdin officials said that since the signature includes both genetic and physiological components, it could only be altered by a major medical event like a heart attack, whereas with fingerprints, a scratch on the finger could change the reading. Based on preliminary testing, identification is more accurate than fingerprints.

“Biometric based authentication, which use unique body measurements to verify identity instead of - or in addition to - passwords, are a big business that is growing every year. An industry trade group pegs annual sales at $2.2 billion, and predicts they will hit $6 billion by 2010, as companies add biometric security to everything from ATMs to cell phones,” said Shlomi Yanai, VP - Aladdin eToken business unit.

Aladdin may offer the technology as early as 2007.