Alembic Eradicates Spam With SpamGaj

by Julia Fernandes    Jan 10, 2005

Spam - a word that brings to the fore images of beleaguered users furiously deleting their mails is undoubtedly a bane that has rendered users all over the world helpless.

However, Alembic Ltd., a global pharmaceutical company has successfully tackled the menace with the deployment of SpamGaj - an anti-spam solution.

Speaking to CXOtoday, SR Shah, general manager-information technology, Alembic Ltd., said, “On an average we used to receive almost 500 spams each day. Spam was overwhelming our technical engineering staff as a major part of their time was spent in deleting the same.”

The solution has been deployed at the IT center located at Vadodara, Gujarat, which is the central e-mail gateway that hosts the Linux-based mail server that handles all inbound e-mail for around 1000 Alembic employees.

“Since content control was extremely crucial for our organization, we decided to put in place a cost- effective anti-spam solution that could effectively redress our woes. After evaluation of several vendors we chose SpamGaj,” added Shah.

In terms of return on investment (ROI) Shah said, “On an average a power e-mail user could get 10 spam mails a day and the user could spend around five minutes deleting them. When you convert this in terms of rupees we have recovered our entire investment within four to six months.”

Developed by Mumbai-based Gajshield Infotech Pvt. Ltd., the architecture of the software leverages defence layers such as denial of service and security protection, domain white lists, black lists, heuristic scanning, etc.

This architecture minimizes the processing of each email. Unlike other solutions, SpamGaj Anti-Spam solution reduces the load placed on the email server by off-loading both spam and virus filtering.

Admits Sonit Jain, CEO of Gajshield Infotech Pvt. Ltd., “There is no blanket solution to fighting spam. However, one of the key benefits of the SpamGaj software is that its architecture leverages a cocktail of the best available spam fighting techniques all in one fairly priced solution.”

Available for networks as small as 50-100 users to large networks with 25,000 active users the software can be installed in front of the email server in typically less than half and hour and is automatically updated hourly to block new forms of spam and viruses.

Apart from Alembic, other users of this solution are Lowe Lintas, Perfect Relations, Crest Communications and Varun Shipping among others.

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