Allied Telesyn Announces IPv6 Support

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 21, 2004

Allied Telesyn, an end-to-end networking solutions vendor, announced today the availability of its AT-8948 48-port multi-layer switch that will provide both IPv4 and IPv6 Layer 3 switching.

The AT-8948, aimed at the triple play, operator and metro Ethernet markets, is a switching solution that is ideal for high-end access in combined video, data and voice applications.

IPv6 is set to bring the Internet to any device - from a PDA to a mobile phone - and is expected to combat the threat of major shortage of currently available IP addresses. While IPv4’s 32-bit addresses are limited to 4 billion addresses in the world, IPv6 is 128 bits and gives 85 octillion times more IP addresses.

This eliminates the need for NAT (Network Address Translation), especially in Asia where some countries have a small IPv4 address allocation and are running out of IP addresses. In these countries, NAT can be up to 6 layers deep. Provision of IPv6 also simplifies the transition to IPv6, protect current network investment and future-proofs the customer’s network.

The AT-8948 provides hardware support for this new standard and is part of a series of access switching solutions designed to meet the needs of high-performance network services.

Packaged in the 1U chassis, dual hot-swappable load sharing power supplies provide space-saving reliability and redundancy. With cooling fans integrated into the power supplies, the PSU can be hot-swapped, so there is no need to return the AT-8948 for repair should the fan fail or the PSU or power source fail. This minimizes the downtime and interruption to services. The AT-8948’s operating temperatures extends to 50ºC (122ºF) to provide increased reliability at higher ambient temperatures.

The AT-8948 provides considerable flexibility with AC and DC versions as well as hot-swappable SFP interfaces on the Gigabit uplink ports, which support any combination of Gigabit copper or fibre for short haul and long haul.

The AT-8948 is available in two options — AT-8948A (available immediately), and AT-8948P (available by the end of Q3 2004).

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