ALMS Seeks More Business in India

by Prabhu Ram    Jul 01, 2009

Alcatel Lucent Managed Service (ALMS) having completed 1 year with Reliance Communication sees India as the corner stone for its Asia-Pacific business.

A  JV entity between RCom and Alcatel-Lucent called the Alacatel-Lucent Managed Service (ALMS) has RCom s stake of 33% signed for $ 750 million for a period of 5 years.

Sean Dolan, president (APAC and China Region) of Alcatel- Lucent said that India is the corner stone for Alcatel-Lucent s businesses in Asia-Pacific. He credited Indian telecom providers to have been proactive in embracing latest technologies (in telecom space) and open to innovative business models. He said that ALMS being a multi-vendor managed services setup ensure both CDMC and GSM technologies, and can offer many other services that includes WiMax and 3G which the country is expected soon

Talking to CXOtoday, Donal said "Application on the telecom platform is the next big opportunity, as the industry is undergoing transformation from TDM based system to IP based systems." Indian talent pool being highly skilled in IT will benefit in this transformation, added he.

India which is undergoing telecom boom, adding 7-9 million wireless subscribers (TRAI report) is increasing experiencing call drops. Commenting of the same Dolan attributed the low quality in the recent due to dynamic growth and anticipation in telecom services that forces operators to grade, configure, and collation of information. He stated that the market will need 2 years to achieve standardization of technical specification after which services will much better.  

Andy Williams (executive vice president) at Alcatel-Lucent said that the ALMS setup being a multi-technology managed services - apart from servicing the Indian telecoms will also actively look for businesses outside India.

ALMS, a JV entity between RCom and Alcatel-Lucent currently employee s 2700 employees out of which 2200 are absorbed from RCom offers end-to-end activities - service rollout, installation and fault repair, service continuity and transformation.

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