Alternative Internet OS From NetAlter Patent

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 04, 2006

Mumbai based NetAlter has got global patent recognition for its Internet Operating System from the United States and Switzerland.

Based on the Information Communication and Computation (ICC) framework, NetAlter System aims to provide an alternative to the existing Internet framework as well as offer technology for enhancing existing online and offline applications.

With rising concerns about the unmanageability of Internet and content available globally, the company’s efforts are to develop alternative technologies.

The company said that it would license its technology to other developers and will develop its own solutions for NetAlter.

Gurudatt Shenoy of NetAlter said that in future they would provide specific browsers for end users, developers, service providers and publishers, etc. All such browsers will have user specific components and functionality.

For example, end users will be offered a browser to search NetAlter for information, running native networked applications, sharing documents and files, communicate with other end users, developers, service providers, etc.

Likewise, the developer browser will incorporate collaborative development features to enable them share and monitor software code and modules. It will also enable the developer to test their applications and then have them published on the NetAlter Network.

When NetAlter Service Browser (NSB) is uploaded in PCs, it gets connected to all other NSB installed computers thus virtually creating a new network or Grid. NSB being offered for free to end users, will create the backbone for an alternative Internet wide network. For this, the company is employing client/ server for the Beta version and P2P technology for the subsequent versions.

The other important thing that NSB provides is an integrated search engine which features multitude of innovative functions such as pre-search semantic definitions, and multi AI agents, search results sorted by period, field specific search, cluster search, grid and P2p search, etc.

NSB will also integrate latest open Grid technology using its own innovative method bringing the benefits of Grid Supercomputing to every user, for which it has introduced the concept of ‘Democratic Grid’.

The present companies offer only one-way application of Grid. That is, they use the idle processing power of end users without giving anything in return. Whereas, NetAlter claimed that it will offer end user the opportunity to convert its idle processing usage to CPU points enabling them to run their own applications on the Grid.

The development of the Beta version will start by end of 2006 and will take a year to complete. The development of various software modules which will provide services such as email, chat, search, etc may be developed in-house or outsource to other developers to speed up the development.

The company is optimistic about offering the Beta version for download by end of 2007.