AMD Introduces Emerald Cluster system

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 17, 2005

Following the introduction of it’s next generation POWER5+ p5-575 supercomputer by IBM recently, AMD has announced the enablement of a full range of supercomputing ecosystem development with the availability of the Dual-Core AMD Opteron processor-based Emerald Cluster system.

The Emerald cluster installation is AMD’s newest, largest and first ever publicly available cluster system based entirely on Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors with Direct Connect Architecture.

Developed by the AMD Developer Center the Emerald cluster comprises of 144 Rackable Systems nodes, each containing two Dual-Core AMD Opteron processors model 275, for a total of 576 cores. It packs a 152 GB RAM, and includes Cyclades TS3000 Console Server.

The other features include, a Force10 Networks E300 Series Switch, Iwill DK8-HTX motherboards, Panasas ActiveScale Storage Cluster, Pathscale InfiniPath HTX InfiniBand Adapters, Rackable Systems servers leveraging DC Power technology, Samsung Electronics 2GB DDR400 memory modules based on single-rank 1Gbit technology, and a Silverstorm 9120 InfiniBand Switch.

According to Joe Menard, Corporate VP - software strategy, AMD, “Supercomputing is all about performance. The combination of AMD dual-core processors with AMD64’s Direct Connect Architecture not only delivers leading-edge performance, but also excels in energy efficiency and performance per watt, key issues in datacenters today.”

“AMD is helping set the standard for commercial computing, so Emerald allows customers, partner companies and end users to test and optimize applications across hundreds of dual-core processors. To make Emerald happen, we worked with an outstanding group of industry associates that showcase their extraordinary products alongside our multi-core technology,” he added.

Emerald is being offered to industry partners, developers, and customers and to the end users as a cutting-edge, multi-core test and development platform.