AMD’s new microserver platform for cloud environment

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 11, 2012

amd micro serverAMD has come up with its first microserver after the acquisition of SeaMicro. The new offering called, SeaMicro SM15000, surprisingly, comes with an Intel processor and is capable of managing vast quantities of data. The company said that the new micro server is ideal for big data, especially, in the cloud computing environment.

The new server acts as a compute-and-storage fabric allowing the data center operator to bundle up to 2,048 processor cores and more than 16TB of DRAM into a single rack. This connects to thousands of cores, and petabytes of storage—ideal for big data applications like Apache, Hadoop and Cassandra for public and private cloud deployments. The SM15000 server combines industry-leading density, power efficiency and bandwidth with a new generation of SeaMicro’s Freedom Fabric technology.

“Historically, server architecture has focused on the processor, while storage and networking were afterthoughts. But increasingly, cloud and big data customers have sought a solution in which storage, networking and compute are in balance and are shared. In a legacy server, storage is a captive resource for an individual processor, limiting the ability of disks to be shared across multiple processors, causing massive data replication and necessitating the purchase of expensive storage area networking or network attached storage equipment,” said Andrew Feldman, Corporate VP and GM of the Data Center Server Solutions group at AMD.

He added AMD’s SeaMicro SM15000 server enables companies, for the first time to share massive amount of storage across hundreds of efficient computing nodes in an exceptionally dense form factor. “We believe that this will transform the data center compute and storage landscape,” said Feldman.

“The big data community is hungry for innovations that simplify the infrastructure for big data analysis while reducing hardware costs. As we hear from our vast big data partner ecosystem and from customers using CDH and Cloudera Enterprise, companies that are seeking to gain insights across all their data want their hardware vendors to provide low cost, high density, standards-based compute that connects to massive arrays of low cost storage. AMD’s SeaMicro delivers on this promise,” said Dr. Amr Awadallah, CTO and Founder, Cloudera, a provider of Apache Hadoop-based software, support and services to the enterprise.

Feldman said the rise of virtualisation, cloud computing, and big data require a new generation of compute in which networking and storage are equal partners in the solution, unlike the traditional servers and the new SeaMicro SM15000 server has been designed keeping all these in mind.