AMI Launches IP SAN For SMEs In India

by Amit Tripathi    Nov 15, 2004

American Mega Trends (AMI) yesterday launched an IP SAN solution- (StorTrends iTX) and Wireless LAN System (STRIX Enterprise) for the Indian SME market.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Jayaram Krishnan, CEO and director, AMI India, said, “StorTrends iTX provides a hybrid SAN and NAS system that can be used by enterprises in India who have local and wide area networks. While an exclusive SAN requires fibre channel (FC) backbone, an IP SAN that is based on iSCSI allows NAS economy with SAN high throughput.”

Commenting on the product, Krishnan added, “IT administrators for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can now manage all StorTrends iTX and StorTrends NAS servers from a single console along with tracking and planning the growth of storage resources deployed across the enterprise.”

On the debate over IP (on which traditional NAS systems works) and FC (on which SAN systems perform) protocols, Krishnan mentioned that in terms of speed, an IP SAN would be almost half in terms of speed of data transfer as compared to FC SAN. Also, since SAN works on block based data transfer, it proves to be more efficient as compared to NAS that is based on file based transfer of data. Thus, a hybrid SAN-NAS on iSCSI is the best option for an SME.

But IP-based SANs and Fibre Channel (FC) SANs should not be seen as competing with one another, but rather as complementing one another. Even though IP-based SANs range in price from Rs. 10 to Rs. 25 per MB, a single path, non-redundant IP SAN system providing 2 TB capacity for 20 servers would cost approximately Rs.15 lakhs. While FC SANs address high performance, IP-based SANs address simplicity, cost, and flexibility and in terms of all other performance parameters they are the same.

According to reports, the world storage market is growing 43% CAGR. From about $5 Billion in the year 2002, the storage business is expected to be $19 billion dollars by the year 2006. Krishnan says AMI India is expecting revenues of Rs 5 crores in the first year from its IP SAN offering.

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