Analytics to heap benefits on social media ROI

by Darinia Khongwir    Mar 27, 2013

Social media

Social media analyst, Prashant Jain, of Simplify360, talks to CXOToday on trends that will define social media marketing over the next 12 months.

Acquisitions, Innovations, IPOs and Content will shape social media marketing efforts 2013. With social media marketers focusing more and more on customer service through social media channels, the platform which helps people do it the best will definitely be the winner.

Content Marketing becomes top priority for marketers: With ever growing content sharing from brands and users, generating unique content will become top priority for the marketers. Now is the time for brilliant videos, clever info graphics, decent comics and other visually appealing content. Growing popularity of platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram is making this need even more crucial.

Visual Content will be a must have: With Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram and an unprecedented rise in Pinterest community, it is quite visible that the online users are now getting more and more inclined towards visual content.

May be, the reason behind this would be that visual content is not only shareable but it can be saved for reference later on. So, refined content along with classic visualization will be needed to win the hearts of online consumers.

Slideshare becomes even more important: If you talk about content marketing and ignore Slideshare you are missing out on something for sure. Slideshare is turning up to be the most preferred   destination for business owners when it comes to content sharing, and it has overpowered giants like Facebook, Twitter as the world’s largest professional content sharing community.Consequently, it is not difficult to understand the rationale behind Linkedin’s decision of acquiring Slideshare in last year.

Organizations are finding it tough to tie dollars with their social media marketing returns. For budget planners it will be highly relevant to know that what kind of tangible returns they are getting with their social media marketing strategy.
-Prashant Jain, Media analyst, Simplify360

Data science for social media marketing tactics: Social media platforms are turning out to be a very relevant data source for organizations, and many brands are eyeing data scientists as their first choice to work in their social media marketing teams. With the advent of big data and many affordable techniques for retrieving data, the combination of data science and social media will take the digital marketing strategy to an altogether new level.

Search for better metrics for measuring social media ROI: Organizations are finding it tough to tie dollars with their social media marketing returns. For budget planners it will be highly relevant to know that what kind of tangible returns they are getting with their social media marketing strategy. And, hence brands will definitely call for some comprehensive and robust metrics for measuring their Social Media ROI.

Google+ might become the favourite place to hang out: Recently Google Plus became the No.2 social network in the world. The most powerful feature of Google Plus is the Communities, which in fact is fully capable of replacing forums. It is an excellent way to bring like-minded people together. It is turning out to be a great boon for businesses as it facilitates private work communication, training and support, client communication and many other useful features. All kudos to engineers at Google who slowly and steadily are making this possible!

Is there a big acquisition on the list?

With Facebook getting hold of Instagram, LinkedIn buying Slideshare for $119 million, we see a visionary approach of social media giants as they are very well aware of the fact that content sharing is going to be the key in this business and the platforms which are producing visually enticing and knowledgeable data can be their launch pads to the top. With so much innovation and creative concepts which have come in the past two years in the world of social media, it won’t be too speculative to think that a big acquisition is on the minds of some CEOs.

More industries will consider entering into social media

Organizations see social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter as the best way for maintaining relationships with their consumers. And, with such gruelling competition, they are feeling the need of a comprehensive and robust digital strategy more than ever. A report from Gartner confirms the fact that digital technologies are now a top priority for brands in 2013.

Will the world see an IPO from Twitter?

When Facebook was going to announce its IPO last year, everyone was expecting that this will start a wave of IPO’s by other Internet giants. But as the IPO was announced it tumbled from $38 to $20. This, of course, forced the web companies to put their plans on hold.

But just imagine, what will happen if Twitter announces its IPO? The business model of Twitter is more reliable and robust as compared to that of Facebook as it doesn’t rely on third parties.

With Twitter ad revenues reaching new heights since its launch, it’s predicted that twitter will sweep of nearly 13% of total social ad revenue of US. But, the top brass of Twitter are denying any possibility of an IPO. But it looks like that by the end of 2013 the most active online community of the world will be all set to get listed.

LinkedIn – The Underdog

Social Media Gurus across the globe agree to the statement that LinkedIn is the real social network. With new features like personal endorsements, news feed and a more classical new look of user profile; LinkedIn is all set to win hearts. With its acquisition of Slideshare, it has certainly become the engine for generating top quality professional content of the world.

So, with its growing relevance amongst the students and job seekers it won’t be wrong to say that this year might witness some surprising and unprecedented announcements from LinkedIn.

Pinterest will try to tap the male demographic

Pinterest in a very short time has experienced exponential growth and it has reported the highest increase in unique users across PC, mobiles and apps. But, there is one thing which is worrisome for Pinterest’s growth plans and it is that the social platform hasn’t been able to entice male users and it is being seen as the major challenge the virtual pin board provider faces. With more than 75 per cent of Pinterest users being female, it will be definitely be an uphill task for the Pinterest team.

Possibilities of tying up with men’s brands appear to be realistic as it will encourage male demographic to start pinning. So, the world awaits a stunning launch from Pinterest and so do I.

Will Social media fraternity see a revolutionary platform soon?

With emphasis on customer service through digital platforms increasing like never before and the ever growing demand of personalization and localization, there is a huge scope for a new product which will revolutionize the way people engage online. And after seeing the great response an innovative social platform gets from the online community, I can surely say the development process is already under pipeline.

As told to Darinia Khongwir