Analyze-it Launches Super Fast BI Database

by Julia Fernandes    Sep 17, 2004

Touted as one of the quickest Business Intelligence (BI) databases in the world, Fuga, coming from the house of Analyze-it Technologies, is all set to enter the Indian market, specifically targeted at those industry verticals that handle unprecedented amounts of data.

Sharing some of the key features with CXOtoday, Shailendar Kumar, CEO of Analyze-it Technologies, said, “Fuga can be accessed using Analyze-This, a Windows based client-server BI application that harnesses customer and transactional data from any touch-point or channel across an enterprise to create, build and maintain customer insight and intelligence.”

“Fuga can handle more than 1.6 million million million records. It can build its Hybrid Online Analytical Processing (HOLAP) based data-mart at the speed of importing more than 10 million records in one hour,” disclosed Kumar.

Explaining further he said, “It can even connect to legacy systems like Cobol and Foxpro. Being a HOLAP product it connects to all the existing 64 databases available in the market and pulls data into itself. It works on the multi-vendor engine technology, which allows it to connect to any existing database.”

In terms of users, it can support more than 1500 connections simultaneously with the speed of the data remaining intact irrespective of the number of records.

“Analysts can generate analysis, resolve queries, and produce graphs, reports, and views instantly against multi-million row databases. With the arrival of Fuga, Analyze-This has now turned into a complete solution replete with features such as analytical CRM, data mining and campaign management all in-built within the system,” said Kumar.

According to Kumar, the cost of the solution varies from Rs 50 lakh to a few crores depending on the number of users, hardware used and other similar aspects.

Spelling the minimum hardware requirement, Kumar maintained that a simple PIV machine with 256MB RAM would suffice.

Talking about some of the customer wins, he said, “Apart from Bharti and Ranbaxy, we are currently working with GOTOCUSTOMER and few other local Delhi based companies. We are currently negotiating with more than 10 prospects for which we have successfully finished prototyping. We would be able to disclose their names as and when we sign on the dotted line.”

Apart from their products and solutions, the company is also into providing outsourced BI services to various local, national, and international clientele, affirmed Kumar.

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