APAC Consumers Unhappy With Brands’ Digital Experience

by CXOtoday News Desk    Jul 27, 2016


Despite digital media’s growth in recent times where consumers find information about products and brands online, a recent survey says that most users in the Asia Pacific region are unhappy or disappointed with the digital experience offered by the brands, according to a recent survey.

According to a recent report published by software giant SAP after surveying 19,000 consumers, nearly two-thirds of people across the APAC region were unhappy with the experience of research, purchase or support that they received from these brands. 

The survey report, which was published in the Forbes.com website (read it here) said banking was the industry which saw maximum levels of satisfaction among consumers from out of 10 industries where the survey was conducted.  

The article further quoted Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Asia Pacific and Japan at SAP as saying that the reason banking industry could enhance its digital experience was the presence of disruptive technologies in the industry as well as fast-paced growth in competition among banks seeking to offer better service to their consumers. 

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Other sectors that did reasonably well were the automotive and hi-tech sectors, especially in Japan and South Korea, the report said adding that the reason for this could be the low level of digital engagement between customers and brands in these two sectors as well as the higher digital awareness amongst its consumers. 

Among the worst performers were the telecom and government sector, the survey said. Telecom industries had the poorest record when it came to providing quality digital experiences to its customers. This was true in all Southeast Asian countries as well as in India. 

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Massive volumes and heavy workload were given as the reasons for these two sectors struggling to meet customer expectations of digital experience. These sectors faced major challenges in updating the legacy systems of their mobile phones and other networks, it added.