APAC To Lead Stick PC Market By 2020: Study

by CXOtoday News Desk    Sep 12, 2016

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Teaching methods used in the classroom are undergoing major improvements over the years. Schools and universities are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly sophisticated by harnessing advanced technologies. The introduction of learning management systems (LMSs) and learning content management systems (LCMSs) in the market has made the development of content faster for academicians and education experts.

The progressive development of digital content will be a key trend for market growth with popularity of online and blended learning methods leading to the adoption of advanced technologies to aid content development which results global stick PC market to grow at a CAGR of 6.87 per cent during the period 2016-2020 said a recent research report. APAC will dominate the stick PC market throughout the forecast period, and the study estimates that this region will account for more than 37 per cent of the total share of the market by 2020.

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The developing countries in the region such as India and China will be the major contributors of the market revenue from this region. The K-12 segment in these countries is in the initial stages of adopting the digital infrastructure, and this will drive the demand to provide students and instructors with the necessary devices to facilitate digital learning. Additionally, governments in the region are also implementing large-scale technology initiatives to boost the education sector towards technology-based learning, which will also aid in the rise in growth of the stick PC market in this region.

According to the stick PC market report, one of the key drivers for market growth will be low cost advantage of stick PCs. The market expectations are that the lower pricing of stick PCs will drive the volumes, which in turn, will help the manufacturers scale the production and reduce the cost in order to increase their profit margin. As the stick PC market is still in its initial stages of industry life cycle, the competition is low and price wars are negligible. This also means that the reducing ASPs will not have any influence on driving the volumes.

Stick PCs are integrated with processors and memory chips that have been scaled down for optimum performance and embedded multimedia card. The reducing node size of memory ICs from the semiconductor manufacturers will lead to an increased internal memory storage capacity of stick PCs. Further technological advancements in the semiconductor industry will fuel the miniaturization of semiconductor components, which will enable stick PCmanufacturers to save space on the printed circuit boards and integrated components, which will facilitate them to add more features to the stick PCs.

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The key players of the global stick PC market: ARCHOS, ASUSTeK Computer, Azulle, Chenzi, Hannspree, iBall, Intel, Lenovo, MagicStick, Meegopad, MODECOM, and Panache. 

Not only that according to “Global Digital Learning Devices Market 2016-2020″ the report states, with advances in technology, digital devices such as tablets and laptops are slowly paving the way to make print textbooks obsolete. Tablets are one of the most advanced and user-friendly digital modes used in the learning process. Tablets have helped to change the way teachers and students interact and communicate with each other.