Apollo's Health Hiway for the Health Industry

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 12, 2007

Apollo Hospital is developing a national health data network.

To be called ‘Health Hiway’, the network will provide various software applications for the healthcare segment. This is a joint go to market initiative from Apollo and IBM.

At present, applications automatic revenue generation processes, and also resources to identify new revenue streams, scheduling and registration, billing, physician and customer relationship management functionalities, etc.

These applications will help health care service providers manage costs by streamlining processes in areas like materials management, finance and accounting, and human resources.

Learning content will be delivered online and through workshops covering topics like productivity enhancement, quality, latest developments in care delivery etc.

Health insurance claims processing will also be available on the ‘Health Hiway.’

Tools will also be offered to physicians for medical information to be used as reference and also to enhance their knowledge.

The ‘Health Hiway’ will be a technology interface for seamless inter operability and portability of patient data between service providers and payers to ensure quality of clinical care, as well as cost effective third party claims processing.

The initiative is presently focused at the mid-sized (100 to 150 bed hospitals) in India, which could spread out to other regions of the world, in future.

Health Hiway aims to offer applications that are simple to deploy and use and can be customized to facilitate learning and transformation to enable users to get the most out of various software applications.