ApON Taking A Big Leap In ICT Business

by Swaminathan B    May 30, 2016


ApON, a company into knowledge service business in the ICT space is assisting tech companies to accelerate their product or service innovation processes. The Pune-based firn has recently bagged the privilege of being strategic knowledge partner for Chennai based IT legend Ramco systems.

Speaking with CXO Today, Sanjeev Kumar, Director-CIO, ApON said, “The team has worked on the world best of ERPs and implemented them at multiple businesses in so many countries. With that, Ramco will get a ready knowledge repository as ApON within their reach.  ApON’s prime business model is to partner with best innovative companies and together blend solutions that come out to be the best for the industries.” 


Speaking further on the alignment, Sanjeev Kumar said,  “We hand hold both supplying companies and consuming companies till purpose and objective of business is fully met,” he said, adding that if you look at from supplying company perspective, they intend to do and deliver the piece that pertains to them.

However, when you see a consuming companies, sum of the quality or performance of all the supplying companies forming a solution stack matters. Anywhere wrong proportion in recipe spoils the taste and thus the end objective of business and its outcome.”

ApON claims that it reinforces the entire process as catalyst and alliances win with three pronged approach, including an on-going Superior Product or Service to OEMs and service provides and time and Strategy to market of products or services with complete insights as what should be there what should not be there. The company also keeps fine tuning with respect to the time company and need and customer gets complete support and guidance from ApON  pre or post implementation.