Apple Chalks Out Big Plans To Sell iPhone

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 07, 2014


Apple is on an aggressive marketing drive to sell more iPhones just weeks before its Worldwide Developers Conference. The smartphone maker will contact customers around the globe through e-mail to inform them that they can upgrade their iPhones to the iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S, says a 9to5Mac report. The company has also mentioned a trade-in program that allows customers to get a discount on a new purchase.

According to another CNet report, one possibility for its aggressive drive is that the company wants to deplete stock before the Worldwide Developers Conference. The other possible option is that Apple will at least announce new iPhones at that time, which could hurt sales of its current handsets as customers decide to wait a few extra months to get the very latest device.

It has been rumored that the iPhone 6, would come with a 4.7-inch display, dwarfing the current 4-inch option in the iPhone 5S. There’s also talk of an iPhone phablet launching later this year featuring a 5.5-inch screen.

Meanwhile, the company is driving iPhone sales in the emerging countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Poland and Turkey and China and it is already bearing fruits. As CEO Tim Cook said after releasing the company’s fiscal second-quarter results last week that its sales in these markets had hit “a new all-time record.”

“Among these emerging markets, growth has been the fastest in India,” he mentioned in the analyst call.

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Over the last one year or so, Apple has been aggressively marketing in India, not only with multichannel ads in newspapers, TV commercials, but it has also reduced the prices of its models and introduced numerous buyback schemes.

The reintroducing of iPhone 4 in India, though initially created certain skepticisms, with a planned and strategic move, it has won over a chunk of the smartphone users in India, which has always been an Android dominated market. According to Cook, “85% of iPhone 4s buyers are switching from Android.”

An ET report suggested while Apple’s global sales growth has slowed considerably in recent quarters, these emerging-market performance will be of some solace for the company. Reportedly, Apple has also hired an online and retail leader Angela Ahrendts, who will join the company’s executive team next week.

Meanwhile, the tech giant is moving beyond smartphones and is focusing on wearables, especially iWatch that will focus on health and fitness for some time now and recently looks like the company has hired a team of senior medical technology experts who a step forward. A Reuters report reads that the Cupertino-major is “building a team of senior medical technology executives, raising hackles in the biotechnology community and offering a hint of what the iPhone maker may be planning for its widely expected iWatch and other wearable technology.”

It is expected that the devices will be announced alongside the iPhone 6 in September or with next-generation iPads in October, according to several sources.