Apple Shuns Steve Job's WebObjects Project

by CXOtoday News Desk    May 05, 2016

Apple logo

Cupertino based electronics giant, Apple has confirmed the killing of WebObjects project, considered to be one the pet projects of its late CEO, Steve Jobs.

WebObjects was one of the premium projects at Job’s firm NeXT which comprised of specific tools to develop webpages. The company, in response to an email query by a developer, stated that the project is discontinued and will not be upgraded.

WebObject was not upgraded for external developers since the year 2008 despite having an existing section utilizing the tools. The company also stopped integrating WebObjects with Mac OS X server in the year 2009.

The confirmation does not come as a surprise for developers operating on WebObjects as most of them were already aware of the killing of the project.

There are numerous other platforms at present which can replicate the performance of WebObjects, so the number of WebObjects developers remains handful.

Steve Jobs first launched the software in 1996 at a Professional Developer’s Conference hosted by Microsoft and named WebObjects as Act II of the web. The Apple store and iTunes still utilize some of the software’s codes.