Apple Star Engineer Chris Lattner Joins Google

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 17, 2017

Chris Lattner

Former Apple and Tesla engineer Chris Lattner, who created the Swift programming language, will join Google to work on artificial intelligence (AI). Lattner said that he will start at Google from next week, working on the company’s research unit, Google Brain.

Bloomberg reported that he will work on Google’s TensorFlow software language that was designed to simplify the programming steps for artificial intelligence. Lattner left Apple in January this year to join Elon Musk’s Tesla and work on the company’s autopilot technology. However, six months later, Lattner resigned, as he said the company wasn’t a “good fit” for him.

Now, with Google Brain - the company’s research unit - as his new adventure, it will be interesting to see how Lattner elevates TensorFlow. He worked with Apple to create Swift, a programming language that has been appreciated widely as modern and accessible to all programmers - be the novice or experienced.

 In 2000, while he was a graduate student at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, he along with professor Vikram Adve published LLVM, a programming framework used to develop compilers. He later used LLVM to develop the programming language Swift.

With AI fast becoming the new trend in smartphones, Lattner’s contribution would be worthy for Google, the news site said.

 In the recent months, Google’s AI efforts have significantly gone up, with a recent report claiming that the tech giant and MIT research have developed a new artificial intelligence system that can automatically retouch images like a professional photographer in real time, eliminating the need to edit images after they are clicked with smartphones.

Furthermore, Google’s new AI assistant - Google Assistant is now at the heart of almost all Google-owned products and is also being adopted by third-party developers at a rapid pace, so much so that it is now supported on over a 100 million devices.