Apple Watch Completes One Year; Still Miles To Go

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 26, 2016

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It has been a year since the Apple entered into the world of wearable technology with its path breaking product: The Apple Watch. Soon after the launch in April 2015, the Apple Watch became the most successful wearable product ever released, with an estimated 12 million units sold in 2015. The smartwatch inarguably raised the bar in terms of awareness and expectations from the emerging wearable technology. However, the Apple Watch still has to go miles to go in order to fulfill the expectations of its users. 

Apple has not released exact sales figures for the Apple Watch in 2015. But analysts estimate about 12 million Watches were sold in the first year at an estimated average price of $500, a $6 billion business that accounts for two-thirds of Apple’s revenue. According to IDC, the Apple Watch accounted for 61 percent of all smartwatch sales in 2015. Samsung followed Apple with a 13 percent market share with 2.7 million shipments of devices last year. Despite of sizable sales in its year of debut, the Apple Watch lost the momentum. The product ‘failed’ to satisfy critics on the front of features and performance. Also the pricing factor remained the barrier for Apple Watch to enter into new markets.

The Watch is slow, with an under powered processor that is throttled at times to extend the device’s battery life. It lacks mobile and Global Positioning System connections, meaning it must be accompanied by an iPhone, limiting its usefulness as an independent device. The battery needs to be charged every day. Importantly, Apple Watch relies on a wirelessly connected iPhone to perform many of its default functions such as calling and texting. However, there is no task the Apple Watch handles that can’t be done with an iPhone or a less-expensive activity tracker.

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However, Apple fans are seem not convinced with the tech reviews find the product ‘revolutionary. According to research firm Wristly, 93 percent of 1150 Apple Watch owners in an online survey last week said they were “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the device.

Apple is quick to learn from its mistakes in the past and announced to fix the shortcomings in its updated version, believe experts. According to reports, Apple is working on adding cell-network connectivity and a faster processor to its next-generation Watch, potentially paving the way for the next version of the watch to run independently of the smartphone.

The reviews have been mixed where some buyers terms the product revolutionary, while others see it as just another wearable gadget. The real success of Apple Watch largely depends on how the tech giant overcome the challenges with the product and brings the watch on the wrist of users worldwide.