Application Grid to Facilitate Cloud Computing

by Muntazir Abbas    May 21, 2009

With the IT needs of large organizations becoming increasingly critical,deployment of enterprise application infrastructure based on resource pooling and automated dynamic adjustment is getting acceptance.

Application grids are apparently appropriate for any industry with heavy IT requirements. These are scalable, and automatically keep resources moving from areas of least need to areas of most need.

In a recent study, Oracle said energy costs are critical, and suggested bringing key technologies together to facilitate heavy IT requirements.

In a conversation with CXOtoday, Shailender Kumar, VP (Oracle Fusion Middleware) of Oracle India said, "Large telecom companies and e-commerce players will appreciate application grid’s enablement of fast provisioning and subsequent capacity expansion. The financial services industries can leverage the low latency benefits of holding data in an in-memory data grid. Cloud computing providers can also greatly benefit from application grid."

According to Kumar, the beauty of an application grid approach is to improve overall IT performance, and require a smaller set of underlying physical resources, thus facilitate green IT. The key technologies that facilitate Oracle’s application grid include JRockit and Tuxedo.

Oracle’s JRockit family of products is made up of Java runtime solutions that include quick solution for standard Java. The company wants to generate interest from the telecom and BFSI sector.

Whether or not they reciprocate remains to be seen, but given its ability to shift resources between applications that experience peak loads at different times, organizations that offer online financial transactions and tax filing should certainly get a boost.

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