Are Our 'Netas' Waking Up?

by Muntazir Abbas    May 07, 2009

Whether BJP’s IT vision document will ever materialize or not is a different matter, but the new trend of political parties focusing on IT in their election rhetoric is a good thing for India feels IT giant Microsoft.

Both the BJP and the Congress released full-length documents detailing their plans on using IT for the country’s development. This is the first time that political parties have focused so much on IT. Karan Bajwa, director (public sector) at Microsoft India said, "It is for the first time that IT finds a place in a political party’s agenda, showing politicians understand that IT can facilitate change."  

The BJP in its IT Vision talked about providing Broadband Internet connectivity with 2 Mbps speed at grass root level; providing six lakh ICT access points; and inclusion of IT in agriculture and rural development as well as telemedicine and e-Gram Vishwa Gram scheme. Congress too has promised to provide Internet connection to every village within 3 years.

Leaving aside whether they keep to their promise if they come to power, Bajwa feels that IT should be used to empower the people and in case the BJP or the Congress stick to their promises it can only bode good for India.

"IT is an enabler, and we welcome such initiatives that could lead to the empowerment of people," he said. "Leveraging IT is critical as of today, and it can boost the rural development, including education and healthcare."

According to DIT, the CSC project is underway in 22 states with a focus on one lakh ICT-driven access points for the delivery of various services, including e-krishi, telemedicine and e-education.

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