ASCL to educate enterprises on social media law online

by Sohini Bagchi    Jan 09, 2013

social media training

Social media and its implications have already caught the attention of enterprises across verticals. They are increasingly realizing that like other business strategies in the organization, there is a need to understand, analyze and review social media policies to ensure that employees are aware and educated on the legal connotation. As a step in this direction, Asian School of Cyber Laws (ASCL), in association with Data64 Techno Solutions Pvt. Ltd, has launched a tailored online course known as “Facebook Law in India”, for enterprises and end users.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Rohas Nagpal, President, Asian School of Cyber Laws informs that of the many cybercrimes that are on the rise, Facebook crimes are becoming prevalent, which employees often commit unknowingly. An awareness on Facebook and social media legalities is important for companies using these platforms.

With reference to the incident that occurred last year, where two Air India cabin crew members were arrested and jailed for 12 days for posting “derogatory” remarks against the Prime Minister’s Office, the national flag and the Supreme Court, while commenting on a strike by Air India pilots, Nagpal comments these and several such incidents highlight how actions on Facebook can result in serious repercussions to organizations and individuals in legal terms. “It is important to understand what one can and cannot post on Facebook and other social media platforms. Therefore, it is essential for companies to train their employees in social media laws,” says Nagpal.

On how social media law can help CIOs and CISOs as well as other C-suites to educate the rest of their employees, he explains that it is important to understand social media policies from a perspective of what employees can do rather than what they cannot. There is no second doubt that social media platforms are helping enterprises in radically improving customer service and also in streamlining their internal communications to increase productivity. In fact, from earlier experience, restrictions to social sites was seen to have negatively impacted the morale of employees, but recommendations on how to represent the company on social media sites could, offer employees with a greater sense of involvement in protecting the image of the organization online. At the same time, enterprises can also proactively guide appropriate employee actions.

The online course includes an eBook, interactive quiz followed by a test. On successful completion, participants earn a digital certificate. The course is suitable for all employees of an organization who use the Internet for official purposes, says Nagpal.