Aspire Systems Eyeing Indian Expansion

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 04, 2008

Chennai-based Outsourced Product Developer (OPD) — Aspire Systems, wants to extend its presence in the Indian market.

Shankar Krishnamoorthy CTO of Aspire Systems said, “The Indian OPD segment is gathering momentum. Earlier, organizations used to create a team internally to develop products, but this scenario is fast changing.”

“We want to be the leader in OPD space and partner with Indian software product companies for end-to-end software product engineering services — from conceptualization, development, testing, to maintenance.”

On the domestic front, Aspire is currently handling product development for three clients. These include a personal finance project and a knowledge-based management system. These two projects are currently in the development phase.

It has also worked for a Chennai-based startup, looking to start a pan-India music retail store. Aspire has developed the technical back-end for this client and will also provide post-deployment services, said Krishnamoorthy. The project is currently in the testing phase.

Pure play product development being a niche segment, Aspire does not expect any major competition. Krishnamoorthy said, “Our focus is more on technology than on industry verticals. Our Centers of Excellence (CoE), located in Chennai, are focused on products technology and products, for example, technical CoEs for Microsoft technologies, open source, etc. We hope to leverage them for our India projects.”

Aspire is planning on increasing investments to fuel their growth in the Indian OPD segment. Krishnamoorthy did not state any figures, though he did mention that they have set up a dedicated marketing and sales team focused on Indian product companies. “We are hoping that significant revenue and growth will come through our India specific focus,” said Krishnamoorthy.

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