ATEN KVM Achieves Solaris Ready Certification

by CXOtoday Staff    Oct 07, 2005

ATEN International has announced that its ALTUSEN enterprise-class KVM solutions have achieved Solaris Ready Certification for the SPARC, x86 and AMD x64 architectures.

This logo provides customers with a proof of certification for Solaris solutions from third-party providers and ensures that KVM products interoperate seamlessly with the Solaris OS.

“Sun is pleased that ATEN continues to deliver world-class KVM solutions that support the Solaris OS for SPARC, x86 and x64 platforms,” said Juan Carlos Soto, software CTO and vice president, software lifecycle engineering, Sun.

“The breadth and variety of ATEN’s KVM solutions provide our joint customers with the ability to take advantage of the industry’s most robust performing operating environment on SPARC, Intel and AMD platforms,” he added.

According to Kevin Chen, president of ATEN International, achieving the Solaris Ready certification included stringent compliance tests for its KVM solutions that measured system compatibility, interoperability and functionality.

“We take great pride in the fact that our enterprise-level KVM solutions not only offer multi-platform support but also provide great value,” said Chen.

“With our solutions now certified on SPARC, x86 and x64 platforms, Sun customers can benefit from improved productivity, higher system availability and increased interoperability,” he concluded.

The KVM solutions tested and now certified within the Solaris Ready program are the Matrix KVM, CS1758 and CS1754.

The Matrix KVM is a cost-effective and powerful Cat-5 based KVM switch that allows four users to directly access and control up to 32 computers simultaneously and independently. The system provides the capability to link 32 users and 2,096 computers through a combination of daisy chaining and cascading. The Matrix can even be further expanded to 4,096 computers through a dual, or split On-Screen Display, for extremely dense server environments.

The CS1758 and CS1754 are two KVM solutions that target SMBs and offer a growing company a 1×4 and 1×8 offering that can be used in a desktop format or rack-mounted into a server room environment. The two CS models also provide audio support as well as support for the USB Sun keyboard and mouse, and USB and PS/2-based computers with two distinct custom cables.

“Unlike the competition, we have taken support for Sun platforms to the next level by enabling the special keys - ‘Stop’, ‘Copy’, and ‘Paste’ on the Sun keyboard to interface directly to computers connected to our CS1754 and CS 1758 KVM solutions. In addition to providing support for these keys that are directly used with a Sun keyboard, ATEN KVM solutions are also HotKey-compatible for use with standard keyboards,” informed Chen.

“We are proud to be a part of the Sun partnership and will continue to develop products that support Sun platforms in the future, while ensuring they meet the criteria of the Solaris Ready program,” concluded Chen.