Attachmate Group bullish on Indian market

by Sandhya Malhotra    Sep 23, 2013


Texas-based software major, The Attachmate Group (TAG), is planning to further consolidate its position in the Indian market in the next one year. The company that is already known for its NetIQ offerings to customers, is planning to replicate its success with the Novell and SUSE businesses. In an exclusive interaction, Venkatesh Swaminathan, country manager-India & South Asia elaborates the road ahead for the company.

The growth areas

“Until now, Novell and SUSE are the largest portion of our business, both contributing 65% to the overall revenue, of which 40% is SUSE and 25% would be Novell,” says Swaminathan, country manager-India/south Asia, TAG.

He mentions that While NetIQ registered a 15% year-on-year growth in the past, this year the company is expecting this figure to jump to 50% with several large wins expected to be announced over the coming months.

Attachmate is also witnessing growth in the software appliance market which has seen a plethora of proprietary software that throws up issues of deployment, mobility, maintenance and porting. Swaminathan sees an increase in the demand for hardware agnostic solutions that can help mobilize workload in areas such as server virtualization or cloud.

To continue focus on both Novell and SUSE’s line of business in India, the company started conducting its global events in the APAC region. TAG also recently concluded its Novell ‘Best-of-Brain’ share event that brings together the best of product and technology makers and customers. It was the first time that such an event was held in India, attracting over 70 customers in Bangalore and Mumbai.

Post the acquisition of Novell in 2012, the TAG continued to support all of its four business units, viz., Novell, SUSE, NetIQ and Attachmate Products and has been in the process of streamlining its operations. The IDC in Bangalore is a critical part of The Attachmate Group’s global growth plans. IDC is a center of excellence for The Attachmate Group with several major products being developed in their entirety.

SUSE success factors

Swaminathan attributed the success of SUSE to the current charter of SAP, which is a migration from UNIX to SUSE Linux, people had to look for alternatives for running their SAP infrastructures on open standard, and SAP by itself has certified SUSE to be the best OS for its infrastructure applications. “The momentum of today is, people have to move from UNIX, 7 out of 10 movements are to SUSE Linux, over the period of time, we have added customers like Wipro, ITC other enterprise customers on SAP installation to SUSE,” says Swaminathan.

The second big driver is the state-wide education momentum, right from providing desktops and laptops to students and schools, running on SUSE enterprise Linux servers, these are huge projects spread across in states like Tamil Nadu, Assam and Orissa and it sees lot more traction with high e-governance projects.

For TAG, the Novell business in last one year has been flat, wherein the SUSE business is growing at 25% and NetIQ has 15% growth.

Novell - still a focus

Swaminathan added, “Novell business did not grow last year, but has been stable and it is expected to be growing 30% this year, with the launch of two new solutions, including ZenWorks Mobile Device Management and Novell i-print. Novell story will be significant with these two new offerings, as people are talking about BYOD and BYOT. On the NetIQ side, the business grew 15% from last year and this year it is expected to grow over 50% this year, as we have won many of large initiatives.”

According to Swaminathan, one of the largest trading companies adopted the whole identity and access management solutions, likewise, there are couples of more wins are around the corner. He points out that the need of the hour is point solutions and the company sees more demand from industries such as large pharma, banking, and manufacturing for easy to deploy and fast returns solutions.